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UNSCRIPTED by Jayne Denker

UNSCRIPTED by Jayne Denker
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To Be Published: August 1st, 2013, eKensington

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'Modern Women' has been Faith Sinclair's baby since its inception. She created it, lobbied it, sold it and worked it for as many years as she cared to remember. The TV show was her life! But her sexist boss apparently does not take too kindly to being grabbed by the balls....literally....because she now finds herself outside of the studio gates, without an office, a job.......a show! After spending some time aimlessly floating, Faith pulls up her bootstraps and sets out, determined to regain the favour of the studio, her boss and get her show back. And she knows just how to do it!

Alex had been a fan favourite member of the 'Modern Women' cast, but had left the show the last season under........let's just say, difficult circumstances. Faith will convince Alex to come back to the show for the new season and is sure that the job will be hers again. She doesn't count on a small town college professor, however.

Professor Mason Mitchell has offered Alex privacy at the college where Mason is head of the theatre department. All Alex wants to do is hone his art. The only way Mason will let Alex's former boss even on the grounds of the college, is if the renowned Faith Sinclair helps him out and teaches a part time course in scriptwriting. Not having anything better to do, and really wanting a chance to corner Alex, Faith takes on the task.

In working with the students, and oh so closely with Mason, Faith is discovering she may have more valuable things to learn than she has to teach.

Faith really comes across as an island at first.....not necessarily maliciously egotistical, but more naively unaware of anything outside of her immediate  periphery. Anyone and anything connected to her show however, has her highest priority. Growing up in a bubble does that to you. When she starts teaching at the college and makes connections there, she can't help but notice that everything to do with her or the show, has a ripple effect into the rest of the world, and she starts viewing her role and her actions in a different light. Mason plays a big role in that discovery, just as Faith encourages Mason to view his dreams more as possibilities to pursue, rather than secrets to hide under the bed.

This was an absolute fun read!! Lots of smart, witty humour in the writing. Some aspects of the story felt a little 'unfinished', but I think in a way that fits with the Hollywood theme. There was a romantic aspect to the book, but it didn't take a major role and it remained PG. Well written!!!

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