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TWO TIMES AS HOT by Cat Johnson

TWO TIMES AS HOT by Cat Johnson
Advanced Reading Copy
Published: September 24th, 2013, Kensington Books

My Rating: 4 of 5

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One weekend at a rodeo in Oklahoma should be enough to loosen her sister up, at least, that's what Emma Hart figures. And if she ends up having some fun with a hot cowboy herself......well, she's never gonna turn her back on an opportunity like that!

Back in Oklahoma, one year later, this time for Becca's wedding, Emma quickly spots the cowboy who had left her all wired up in a hotel room, never to be seen or heard from again. But her attention is quickly drawn to the man standing with the groom to be. Now there is someone she could see herself spending the weekend with, before flying back to New York.

Long time neighbour and now commander of the groom, Lieutenant Colonel Logan Hunt can feel his blood stirring when the bride's sister walks in. Emma is a knockout and even though he is not looking for permanence, he has no objection to a temporary diversion. No sooner has the thought entered his mind, or he sees another man make his move and it becomes clear he needs to be a lot faster on his feet if he wants a chance to spend any time with this woman.

When they finally connect, Emma and Logan feel the instant attraction, and understanding that this has an expiry date, the two throw themselves in a no-holds barred, hot and steamy encounter. Both are blown away with the intensity, but before you know it, Emma is back on a plane to New York and Logan is dealing with serious family issues.

After several weeks, Emma hears that Logan could use some help with the family store and with her vacation time saved up, she decides to fly back to Oklahoma to lend a hand. Of course, the fact that she has barely been able to stop thinking about him has nothing to do with it. It's just an opportunity to see her sister, and lend a hand at the same time, and maybe see if he thought about her too. Oh, and she is bringing along a little something.


Good, sexy, fun!!!!

I loved the maturity of Logan, even though he thought he was not one for commitment, it had very little to do with being a player, and more to do with his profession and the simple fact that he just had  not had cause to contemplate settling down with anyone. When he was placed in a position where he needed to take on full responsibility for his family and their livelihood, it was initially almost too much of a burden, but almost immediately when Emma arrived and gently started problem solving with him and providing him with different forms of support, he started appreciating the value of having the right person by your side.........and of course, in your bed!

Emma is a wonderful enjoyer of life, who doesn't necessarily is around and wait for good things to happen to her, but will go out and try to suck as much marrow out of the bone as she can. Unfortunately, she cannot turn frogs into princes, and even Emma would love to end up with a fairy tale love. With her big, generous heart and her open giving of herself, she has always been at risk of being taken advantage of. She will tell herself it's ok just to have fun for a while and then walk away, but her heart gets invested and generally hurt. She needs to make sure that Logan wants her for who she is, for how she makes him feel, not for any other consideration. It is the only way she will have her dream.

Cat Johnson writes about the depth of friendship and brotherhood. How it carries from childhood on and builds bonds stronger than blood. She has a way of addressing loaded subjects, that doesn't feel heavy-hearted, with enough humour and banter to give the book an all over uplifting feeling. And, lets face it, Cat Johnson knows how to write a dang hot sex of the things that always stands out about her books. 

✨A sweet and spicy tale of finding what you didn't know you wanted.✨

**ARC courtesy of NetGalley and Kensington Books in return for an honest review.**     

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