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CAGE (Corps Security #2) by Harper Sloan

CAGE (Corps Security #2) by Harper Sloan
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Published: September 9, 2013, Harper Sloan

My rating: 4.5 of 5

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Seeing first hand what his best friend Axel and his surrogate sister Izzy have found together, Greg Cage is finding less and less satisfaction in the purely physical sex hookups he usually indulges in, and can't help but wonder what it would be like to have that connection with someone. The fact that he and Axel run Corps security isn't a coincidence, since Greg has a protective streak a mile wide. Especially after losing his sister to her abusive husband and not being around to stop it.

When he first sees Melissa Larson at the doctor's office, he is instantly dumbstruck by her beauty. He is there taking care of Nate, Axel and Izzy's little guy, who is sick. He would love nothing more than to find out her name, but has his hands full with his poor little buddy. Greg never would have guessed he would see her again so soon, and in Izzy's group of friends, at a club of all places, dancing like there is no tomorrow. This is his chance to find out who she is.

She feels good, being able to let loose on the dance floor. Melissa Larson generally has a tight leash on her life, given that she has sole responsibility for her mother and her nephew. But tonight she is letting go secretly hoping that little Nate's Uncle Greg might make an appearance. Talk about a dangerous temptation, Greg Cage is certainly it. Except, Melissa has to be stronger than to succumb to temptation, she knows what giving in to a man can do to you. She is living the consequences. 

Melissa had not counted on his magnetism, his incredible draw, and despite the fact that she knows he will mean heartache, she can feel herself falling under his overwhelming presence. And when he opens up and shows a sliver of vulnerability, and tells her he lost his sister to an abusive man just like she did, she can't help but open her heart a little more. But she is so accustomed to handling things on her own, doing everything herself, that even when she should, she doesn't ask for help when she needs it. For Greg, helping is all he knows.

Greg can feel right away that Melissa is different from anyone he has known before. Yes, she is incredible in bed, there is nothing like her, but more than that, he wants to be around her, likes having her around. Her fight for independence and his need to protect and help is a point on which there are concessions to make, but she is worth it. Unfortunately, some unsavoury character from his past is trying to make life very difficult, and threatening what they have found. 

When Melissa's family is threatened and hurt, and lives are in danger, Greg realizes he needs help and calls in a favor from an old friend. Years back, just after his sister died, Greg met Braxxon Breaker, president of the Breakneck MC, and spent some time with him. They became close friends and Greg knows Brax is the only one who can help him stop the threat to his new family.


I knew it would be good......and I am going to be so impatient for every next book in the series to come out!!

Greg Cage may be a bit of a man whore, but he is a straightforward least, to those who will listen! Never promising more than he is willing to give, he is actually very honest although not particularly gentle about it. He seems to be a man who lives and feels in big lines, and doesn't bother too much with nuance or things like tact or sensitivity. He also does not seem to have the best judgement when he decides to allow a clingy woman who has become an annoyance, to give him a blowjob and then shove her out the door, after he gets himself worked up dancing with Melissa. No matter how you twist it, that is a pretty uncool move. He certainly redeems himself in how he treats Melissa and his female friends, and is an absolute sweetheart with the kids. 

Melissa is one kick-ass chick!! No one is going to pull a fast one on her, she has learned to take care of herself. Not having had very good male examples in her life, she lacks trust, so she keeps her walls up at all times. But with Greg's persistence and his straightforward approach, he is able to bring them down fairly quickly. But what really disarms her is their connection through the loss of their sisters, which is why it hits her so hard, when she discovers he has kept a secret from her all this time. Being the strong woman she is, however, it doesn't take her very long to process the reasons and considerations by herself and come to her own conclusions. When she finally breaks under all the losses she has suffered, she finally puts all of her trust in Greg to save the most important part of her.

Harper Sloan writes Alpha male really well!!!! The good news is, she has already prepared an entire security company full of them to provide us with ample hotties to star in many, many books to come!! The bad news is, we will have to wait every time for the next book to come out, even though Harper has a tendency to tease us mercilessly with sizzling match ups that are popping off the pages, just begging to have their stories told.

I thought CAGE had a better flow than the first book, AXEL, and the characters were better balanced throughout the story. It really feels like Harper Sloan is settling in with her writing style and her cast of hot men, and that's a good thing, because she already started off strong!

Don't burn your fingers on this one!! 

✨Blatantly direct, outrageously hot and highly addictive....... the men from Corps Security.✨

**ARC provided in return for an honest review**

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