Thursday, May 8, 2014

SUN-KISSED by Laura Florand

(Snow Queen #2)
by Laura Florand
ARC Review
Release: May 20th, 2014

My rating: 5 of 5 ⭐️

Twenty years they've been neighbors, Ann Winters had been divorced all of that time, single mom to one son and highly successful, wealthy, independent self-made woman and never as much as in this last year had she felt the importance of the friendship they had developed.

Every morning they went for a walk together as friends, Mack Corey, billionaire business man and father of two daughters had been a widower for fifteen years and was grateful for the years of trust and support they had built.

But never before today, the wedding day for Mack's youngest daughter, the last of their combined children, have they ever crossed the boundaries of friendship. To say the wedding opened eyes would be unfair, eyes were opened long ago. No, what changed was the realization that  this was something that should have happened a long time ago. The wedding was simply a catalyst. 

There is a lot of courage required to trade in something so very trusted and comfortable for the unknown and the vulnerable. But if the promise of what could be comes to fruition, they may end up with something more beautiful than either would ever have imagined.


Absolutely delightful!!!

For those of you who don't mind a  fabulous MATURE, slightly ascerbic, beautifully written and gorgeously erotic story, I highly recommend this!!  I am still so filled with its aftermath right now....

SUN KISSED is a novella, the second in a series and I have to admit that I haven't read the 1st book in the Snow Queen Series, but it is also the 7th book in the Amour Et Chocolat Series, and I did read a few of those books. They are FABULOUS!! We see a lot of the characters from those books back in SUN KISSED at the wedding!! No worries though, SUN KISSED can easily be read as a standalone, although you will need to pick up some of the information that comes your way at face value, but it doesn't take away from the core of this particular story.

Anne has kept her emotional side under a tight reign, ever since the breakup of her marriage. Actually, even before that. She's had to, she needed to be strong and capable for her son, her career, herself. There really wasn't ever anyone to fall back on, so she never weakened, she just gritted down and plowed on. But maybe she hadn't been as much of an island as she imagined, maybe if she had taken the time to really pay attention, she would have felt the imprint of Mack's hand there, in the small of her back, all along.....

Mack had never been particularly stingy with his feelings. Good thing too, in a house full of girls, but it meant that he felt out loud and for many years now, the one person always quietly there for him was Anne. Ironically the only emotions Mack kept quiet about, were the feelings he had for her. Too much history and too many lives entangled, plus knowing Anne, the risk he would send her running in the other direction was too high. But there comes a point when you recognize there is nothing worse than regretting an opportunity you never took. 

There is nothing more empowering than finding yourself a middle-aged woman, with a life, personality, look and character rich and colourful, unique in its imperfections and hardened by its flaws - to then discover a deep and hungry sensuality stirring, fired up after years of dormancy through child-rearing, responsibilities and preoccupations with body image, suddenly alive. A body no longer in its prime, scarred and sagging, but a state of mind accepting and free.
Middle-aged and more vibrant, more enriched, more lucky and more blessed...... that is what books like SUN-KISSED by Laura Florand awaken in me.....

✨.... a reminder, a lesson, a comfort, a lover, a mate.✨

**Copy provided in return for an honest review.**


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