Monday, May 12, 2014

WILD WAYS by Tina Wainscott

(The Justiss Alliance #2)
by Tina Wainscott
ARC Review
Release: May 13, 2014

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

Mollie Reagan has been desperately searching for her sister, Diana for weeks now. Always a little on the reckless side, she took off with a member of the Kings of Chaos MC and the last thing Mollie heard from her was a phone call for help, which was promptly cut off. Since then, Mollie has been single-handedly chasing down any and every lead she could get her hands on, inserting herself into the dark and dangerous world of gang and biker hang outs, trying to catch a break. 

Lucky for Mollie, she catches the eye of sexy ex-SEAL Julian Cuevas, newly signed by the Justiss Alliance, and just in time to save her from gang members getting tired of her persistent questioning. Julian is able to convince his boss to take Mollie's case as his first assignment for the Justice Alliance, but she is determined to stay involved, not trusting him to stay the course. She is accustomed to being left to fend for herself and is grateful for the temporary reprieve Julian offers, but holds no hope that it will last long enough to see through to the end.

She doesn't know Julian, however, who is not in the business of giving up on anyone. Let alone the beautiful, resourceful and courageous woman so determined to take on the motorcycle gangs by herself. With every step they get closer to their objective, Molly surprises him with her dogged tenacity to find her sister. And along with his growing admiration, Julian quickly develops strong feelings for her. But even as sparks and bullets start flying with almost equal intensity, Mollie is convinced this cannot last....


Funtastic and thrilling read, with a slightly darker edge than the first book in the Justice Alliance series!!

This novel certainly has some more serious overtones than book #1 did, with an underlying topic that is quite chilling. Tina Wainscott has done a fabulous job writing a relatively easy to read romantic suspense novel that has been woven into a very dark and gruesome backstory, without  letting the entire novel become gloomy and depressing. It has been done in a way that remained respectful to the severity of the topic addressed, yet also stayed true to the more lighthearted and romantic side of the badass boys from the Justice Alliance.

Mollie and her sister grew up rather neglected emotionally, with Mollie attempting to pick up the slack. So it wasn't really a surprise that when Diana took off, chasing after 'true love', Mollie would chase right after her. They were really all the other had. Mollie had the courage of a mother bear and would stop at nothing to get to her sister, which she proves on several occasions. But she is completely surprised to find Julian would throw himself into her battle with as much conviction without expecting anything in return. She expects to have to payout at some point, but it never really comes. In fact, the payout keeps coming her way in its many forms and she frankly doesn't quite know how to handle it.

Julian who is from a large, loud and loving although rather dysfunctional family, never quite appreciated what he had until he could see how the lack of family affected Mollie. Quite an affectionate man, he seems to enjoy being able to make some aspects of Mollie come alive under his 'skillful' hands. And not just in the physical sense, but also her ability to develop trust and to loosen up her tight control. The only thing he can't make her do is see that she is more than deserving of him...... she has to come to that conclusion on her own.

A very exciting, action-packed, sexy and sultry story with a good close look at some of the other Justiss Alliance operatives I am sure we will be seeing in future installments. I will be keeping my eye open, because there are some interesting characters I would LOVE to get to know better!!

✨A fast, dangerous, stirring and provocative ride!✨

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