Friday, November 29, 2013


(Madewood Brothers #2)
by Gina Gordon
ARC Review
Published: November 25, 2013, Entangled: Brazen

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

As an outlet for a recent loss and old demons toying with his peace of mind, Madewood heir and chef Neil Harrison blows off steam on his bike. When women and sex don't do the trick anymore, he turns to illegal street racing. Something he has been able to keep to himself, until Carson shows up at one of his races. 

Architect Carson Kelly is employed by Neil, building the Madewood Farm, a fine dining and event establishment on a gorgeous ten-acre property. Despite the obvious attraction, her relationship with Neil has always been rather confrontational. She has to be tough to prove herself in a male dominated world, especially after making some pretty devastating mistakes when she was younger. Her father, and owner of Kelly Designs, never let her forget.

Which is exactly why she was there at the street race, trying to stop Neil from making the same stupid mistakes. Neil is intrigued with Carson's no bullshit attitude, not to mention the whole biker chick persona, but senses there is more at play here and is determined to find out more. When the two embark on a passionate affair, supposedly to distract Neil from the need to race they both put their professional lives in the scale. 

Before long family entanglements, personal insecurities and professional exposure catch up with Carson and Neil and their 'involvement' has become more involved than either of them had planned on. 


A short VERY spicy and compelling read!! 

The story hits the floor running. Right off the bat you jump into a backstory you have to catch up with, and you will.......give it a bit of time. I actually love stories that throw you right in the middle of the action, rather than slowly setting the scene.....this one, you get thrown in the deep end, so to speak. It keeps you engaged right from the start. 

It does mean that the characters are further along in their connection with each other than you may be ready for, but you have to allow for that in this type of set up. The context for each of the protagonists, and my connection with and understanding of them came eventually. 

For a relatively short story, each of the characters was well fleshed out. Neil obviously has fear, self esteem and trust issues, which are not surprising given his background. Believing you are deserving of something can be difficult to get your head around. Carson was fighting a losing battle, she could never become the son she thinks her father would have preferred, no matter how hard she strives to be the best Alpha she can be. She has to learn to fight for herself, for her own approval and love, not others'. 

Interesting about the dynamic between the two characters is the juggling for dominance at times. With Carson trying so hard to be seen and heard in a man's world, she has taken on a lot of the traits of a traditional Alpha and Neil is instinctively one, which makes for some fiery encounters. 

This was actually a story I would not have minded seeing spread out a little longer.....over more pages. I think there was still some room for exploration!! 

And what is it, about a hot and dominant man who knows his way around the kitchen that makes my panties melt???

✨A charged, provocative and lip-licking good read!!✨

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