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Audiobook Release - TRISTAN by Samantha Lind


Samantha Lind

Release Date: May 28

I was a forever-bachelor kind of guy.

I never planned on settling down.

I never wanted a family of my own.

Until a phone call came, the one woman I’d secretly loved my entire life needed my help.

I went from bars and hook-ups to late nights on the couch.

When her daughter is born, I find myself captivated by both of them, and falling deeper in love.

What happened to my forever-bachelor life, and is that the life I want?

Release Blitz & Review - FOREVER ENOUGH by Kelly Elloitt

Forever Enough by Kelly Elliott is now live!

Not long out of college, Mackenzie Reeves has found herself halfway across the country, relocated from Atlanta, Georgia, to small-town Hamilton, Montana. But it's not just a fresh start--it's an escape. For years, she's been trying to steer clear of the abusive stepfather who's made her life hell and turned her mother into someone she doesn't recognize. Now, on Dirk and Merit Littlewood's gorgeous farm, she's found a bit of peace. Until a certain dimpled, dark-eyed handsome devil walks into her barn and changes her life with a single look.

Not quite twenty-four, and champion bull rider Bradly Littlewood already feels twice his age. He loves the sport, but between the politics, the lonely nights, missing his family...his heart and head are no longer in the game. And when he's home for the holidays, surrounded by cousins who've married and started their own families, he can add jealousy to the mix. He's missed so much, and he wants what they have. Turns out, one unplanned stop at the family barn and he may have found it...in the form of a pajama-clad angel, singing and dancing for a captive audience of farm animals.

Mackenzie and Bradly's instant smolder in the barn becomes a blazing wildfire within days, surprising everyone. Both their futures are uncertain for very different reasons. But their love? That's rock solid. Beyond a doubt.

A love so strong, so unbreakable, even forever isn't enough.

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Cover Reveal - ONE STRING by Aleatha Romig

Aleatha Romig

Release Date: July 4

Second-chance, enemies-to-lovers, fake-date, little-sister’s-best-friend, forbidden, stand-alone contemporary romance.

Ricky Dunn is the equivalent to a splinter under my fingernail.
He’s the older brother of my best friend, and no matter how hard either of us try, we can’t seem to avoid each other. The problem started on the night my best friend and I graduated from high school. The party was joyous, a celebration.
That night, I willingly gave Ricky a part of me—more than the kiss we told others about.
Our deal was simple.
No strings.
Ricky kept his side of the bargain.
Years have passed.
Being from the same small town and crossing paths, I haven’t noticed how handsome he’s become or the way he’s filled out.
If you ask me, he hasn’t noticed me either.
Until he calls.
I’m working for a finance company, one he’s now interviewing for.
“Marilyn, will you be my date for the dinner with the partners? It’s only for one date and no strings.”
The problem is my heart hasn’t kept my side of our bargain.
I want at least one string.
Do I agree to his proposal, or do I turn him down flat?

Have you been Aleatha’d?

Release Blitz & Review - JASPER by Laramie Briscoe


Title: Jasper (Broken Falls, #3) 

Author: Laramie Briscoe

Genre:Contemporary Romance 

Release Date:May 24, 2024

Hosted by: Buoni Amici Press, LLC.

I never thought my fake marriage, would become real...

Jasper Hamilton

I've always been a pawn in the game of chess my grandfather prefers to play with me. It started when I was a child who didn't have anywhere else to go after my parents were killed. Gone was my home full of love and warmth, and in its place was a mansion with a man as cold as a winter night. The only thing that kept me sane were my friends. Those blue-collar buddies who didn't care about my grandpa's bank account.

I never cared about the money either. Until he threatens to take away the one thing I love in this world. The foundation created in their memory. The only way for me to get it back? Play by his rules, take a wife, and secure an heir. Something I never planned to do after growing up the way I did. But the way I respond to Daisy Williams, and the satisfaction I get from calling her my wife makes me feel like I've been promoted from Pawn to King.

Tropes Included: small town blue collar marriage of convenience brooding for everyone but her

Jasper is book three in The Broken Falls Series: a series of interconnected standalones following a group of friends who have become family in small-town West Virginia, and the women who bring them to their knees. You do not have to read them in order, but each book builds upon the relationships of the last.


4 Stars

Another favorite from Broken Falls for me. Jasper is a wonderful tale of pushing pass the fears and walls you build to protect yourself. But are you really protecting yourself or are you selling yourself short? Many emotions as Jasper and Daisy take this leap into a second chance.

Jasper lost his parents at a very young age and lived with his cold and stern uncle. Thankfully to Boone and his friends, he knows what true family is all about. Though he still keeps everyone just outside of reach most times. If you don't let them in you won't hurt as badly when they are gone.

Daisy is doing her best to keep on trucking. Working at the pre school with all those sweet little people is hard damn work, but she loves it. Still nursing a long broken heart but enjoying watching her friends find their true love.

Is Daisy crazy for agreeing to help Jasper? Could this be the second chance she has long hoped for? Will Jasper open up to the feelings he has always had but kept pushed away? Grab your copy and fall into the small town setting, enjoy this non traditional second chance.

*** Advanced copy provided in exchange for an honest review. ***

Laramie Briscoe is the USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author of over 30 books, with sales of over half a million copies.

Since self-publishing her first book in May of 2013, Laramie has appeared on the Top 100 Bestselling E-books Lists on Apple Books, Amazon Kindle, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble. Her books have been known to make readers laugh and cry. They are guaranteed to be emotional, steamy reads.

When she's not writing alpha males who seriously love their women, she loves spending time with friends, reading, and marathoning shows on Netflix. Married to her high school sweetheart, Laramie lives in Bowling Green, KY with her husband.

⬇️ Start the series with Boone⬇️



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Release Blitz - TWO TICKETS TO PARADISE by Hannah Blowers

Release Date: May 24

I do what any jilted bride would do in my situation—escape to Hawaii with my best friend for my nonrefundable honeymoon…and pretend we’re married.

My happily ever after takes a nosedive when my fiance dumps me at the altar for his ex. So instead of toasting to marital bliss, I plan on drowning my sorrows in tequila. And instead of promising forever, he's promising I'll never have to see him again if I hand over the tickets to Hawaii. I can’t believe my ears at first when he tells me he wants to whisk his girlfriend away on what was supposed to be our romantic getaway. Talk about rubbing salt in the wound!

But when life hands you a lime, you put it in a coconut.

Licking my wounds in paradise was the last thing I wanted to think about in my dispirited condition, but now I have a perfectly good reason to go—so he can’t.

Enter Holden Santos, the guy who's seen me through braces, bad haircuts and questionable fashion choices and miraculously stuck around. Now we’re rocking wedding rings, snuggling in a king-sized bed at a luxury resort and playing doting newlyweds as we sip cocktails by the pool. Piece of cake, right?

Until we share a kiss for appearances, that’s so explosive, it reignites feelings I thought were long buried. The butterflies that once fluttered in my stomach during algebra class awaken with a vengeance.

Now I’m at a crossroads. Do I lock away my feelings like the letters I never sent him one year at summer camp? Or do I take the leap, risking it all to lay my heart bare, knowing the consequence could be losing him—the man who’s become my everything, my confidant, my anchor—forever?

Buy Your Copy Here:

Hannah Blowers lives in Michigan with her husband and their two cats. She loves coffee, graphic design and writing heartwarming books with happy endings when she's not concocting stories in her head at her customer service job. Writing and laughing are her best forms of therapy.

For more information about Hannah Blowers, visit https://linktr.ee/authorhannahblowers

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Release Blitz & Review - WHEN LIES UNFOLD by RC Boldt


Title: When Lies Unfold
Author: RC Boldt
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Tropes: Alpha Hero/Heroine in Distress/Close
Proximity/Enemies to Lovers/Opposites Attract
Release Date: May 23, 2024

The moment I witness a murder, my quiet, careful existence goes up in smoke. I'm thrust into the world of Santiago Hern├índez, Central America’s most ruthless cartel leader.

In exchange for my life, I’m placed under his watchful eye. Day in and day out, he waits for me to betray my promise of silence.

The longer I stay in his world, the deeper I fall for the glimpses of the man beneath that handsome yet cunning exterior. The man whose possessive touch ignites a long-lost part of me.

But I should know better than to open my heart to a cold-blooded criminal with a laundry list of deadly sins and secrets. Especially when he has no idea who I really am.

Because when the lies unfold, he’ll discover I have a list of sins and secrets of my own.


Free in Kindle Unlimited

3.5 Stars

What an adventure this book is, a cartel, ememies to lovers story full of twists and turns, the sweetest litte girl and chemistry sizzling off the pages. 

Lola had done so much to find herself the past few years, after escaping the man who did nothing but beat her down mentally and physically. When she finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time, she is thrown right back into the middle of that horrible world she tried to hard to steer clear of. The difference this time is she has sharpened her arsenal and is not backing down and giving in easy. She has worked too hard for that. What she finds in the depths of this Narco is not at all what she expected.

Santiago is at the top of his empire and takes as he sees fit to keep himself there. But he wasn't always on the top of anything and that once little boy doing everything possible to survive still lives deep inside. His heart is bigger than he wan't anyone to know. His "daughter" is living proof of that,  though she comes with her how set of challenges. Following his gut, he lets Lola live when he would normally have just too out the loose end. He never imagined he would be falling for this woman and doing everything he could to keep her safe.

Though I did enjoy the book, I did feel like it was a little slow and lengthy. I found myself thinking I was never going to get to the end at times. The passion and determination, the hidden love and emotions the author is able to bring to the table does make the slower pace worth while.

*** Advanced copy provided in exchange for an honest review. ***

RC Boldt is a USA Today bestselling author currently living in part of the Costa Rican jungle with the love of her life and her mini-me.

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Cover Reveal - THE CEO ENEMY by Jolie Day

Jolie Day has revealed the cover for The CEO Enemy!

Releasing June 18, 2024

I've locked myself out.
So, I knock at my new neighbor's door.

And boom! Mr. Grumpy King answers: 6' 2", piercing eyes, not impressed--oh, and did I mention, completely naked?
It's a double surprise: I'm shocked, and my towel drops, leaving me in all my glory.

Later at the bar, I'm thinking we'll share a drink, laugh it off.
Or, you know, hook up.

The bigger bombshell?
He's NYC's most ruthless hotel mogul who just bought half my hotel shares.
And he thinks he can sweet-talk me into giving up the rest.

I don't care how hot he is, or how much my body protests.
My determination to keep my hotel shares is as unshakeable as my "I never date CEOs" rule.

In my defense, he locked lips first.
I even attempted to keep my panties on during our first date.
But somehow, things went from hot to setting off fire alarms.
Until those mind-blowing O's took a detour to "Oh sh*t!"

Because just when I think there might be an "us," I find myself jobless, apartment-hunting, and questioning all my life choices.
How did I go from locking myself out to nursing a heart in ruins?

Cover Reveal - FASLE START by Kandi Steiner

Kandi Steiner has revealed the gorgeous covers for False Start!

Releasing: June 7, 2024
Model Cover Design: Kandi Steiner
Photographer: Ren Saliba
Discreet Cover Design: Staci Hart, Quirkybird Designs

Kyle Robbins: Seattle's rookie tight end and the first boy to break my heart.
Oh, did I mention he's also my new client... and fake boyfriend?

I thought I left Kyle and our complicated past behind me, but when he saunters up as my new client at a house showing, I’m quickly reminded how much he still haunts me.

I try to walk away, but the stubborn jerk isn’t having it. In fact, he doubles down on working with me, as if our tragic history doesn’t exist at all.

The commission from working with him is the key to a new life for me and my son. It’s worth putting up with the cocky athlete long enough to find him a house. But when Kyle sees the bruises left by my darling ex-husband, he thinks he can save me—and suddenly, he’s interested in much more than just being a client.

Before I know it, I’m wrangled into a scheme so crazy it just might work. Kyle pretends to be my fake boyfriend so he can keep my ex in line until I get the commission from this house sale and get the hell out of Seattle for good.

But with a past as thick with chemistry and tension as ours is, it’s not long before those fake touches feel all too real. Every brush of his hand against my back has me spinning back to that night. Every kiss has me dizzy with the love I felt at eighteen. And every day that passes without me finding him a house has me wondering how much longer I can survive this game we’re playing.

Fake-dating each other was supposed to be for my safety.
But I can't help thinking my heart is more at risk now than ever before.