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Cover Reveal - HOW WE DEAL WITH GRAVITY by Ginger Scott

This new novel by Ginger Scott deals with a subject very close to the author's, but also to my heart - Autism. In its many forms and variations, autism affects a large number of children AND adults, and their loved ones. 
Much is yet to be done to unravel the mystery of autism and ongoing research is needed.

by Ginger Scott
Release: June 2014


Blog Tour & Giveaway - LOOK AFTER YOU by Elena Matthews

by Elena Matthews
Released: April 5, 2014  Amazon.UK  Amazon.AUS
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LOOK AFTER YOU by Elena Matthews

(Look After You #1)
by Elena Matthews
ARC Review
Release: April 5, 2014

My rating: 4.5 of 5 ⭐️

Twenty-eight year old Ava Jacobson though she was heading for calm waters, happily pregnant with her first child, while her fiancee Sebastian was serving out his time in Afghanistan. But when her baby announces herself three months early and leaves Ava struggling alone, recovering from a c-section with a little daughter fighting for her life and her man thousands of miles away. If not for her best friend Caleb and little Lilly's physician Dr. Bailey, she would'nt have been able to hold it together.

Neonatal Care Physicial Ashton Bailey is immediately taken with Ava and her tiny daughter, but knowing she is spoken for, he tries to keep a respectful distance. It becomes difficult however, when she is in need of support and he is eager to provide it, even if it is just as a friend. But when the bottom seems to fall out for Ava and she needs strong protective arms, he can't resist his baser instincts and alows his desires to come through.

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DARE TO DESIRE by Carly Phillips

(Dare To Love #2)
by Carly Phillips
ARC Review
Released: April 10, 2014

My rating: 4.5 of 5 ⭐️

One moment he is on top of the world with a successful career and more attention than he knows what to do with, the next quarterback Alex Dare finds himself in a hospital bed wondering what the hell he is supposed to do next. Bitter in the face of his career ending injury, he alienates anyone who dares come close and proceeds to close himself of for the next six months. Until his half-brother Ian extends him an opportunity he can't refuse, even if it means facing the woman he kicked out of his hospital room half a year earlier.

Taking a chance on the wealthy and charming playboy quarterback was not something that had come easy for social worker, Madison Evans. But the close connection through friends had put the constant temptation in front of her until she finally gave in, took the leap, and had her heart broken. Growing up in foster care, rejection was a tender point for Madison, and once pushed, the effects lingered hard and long. So when her boss, Ian, proposed teaming her up with Alex on a new project, she had to steel herself for the inevitable onslaught of emotions seeing him would surely bring on.

Blog Tour & Giveaway - DEEP DOWN by Elle Aycart

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Deep Down Cover


DEEP DOWN by Elle Aycart

Deep Down Cover
(The OGs #1)
by Elle Aycart 
ARC Review
Released: February 11, 2014, Loose Id

My rating: 5 of 5 ⭐️

Back in the small town of Alden after leaving to follow her dreams seven years ago, Kyra Brims never thought after hitting her success, things could break down on her so fast. Granted, there were some things she wouldn't change back for the world, but most of the time away culminated into one big mistake. An ex who never should have been anything to begin with, who made sure to ruin her career and her livelihood, but left her with one thing she made sure he would never be able to put his hands on again. But her heart, she had left that behind in Alden all those years ago.

Solidly rooted in Alden, Mike Haddican, has everything he needs here. His family and friends, his gym and martial arts students and a decent life - even if the girl of his dreams had left taking them with her seven years ago. He had tried eliminating her from his mind for a while, through too much booze and women, but it was no use. But when he found out she was back in town, he made damn sure to stay as far from her as possible, not willing to subject himself to that kind of torture.

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ONE TO PROTECT by Tia Louise

(One To Hold #3)
by Tia Louise
ARC Review
Release: April 21, 2014

My rating: 4.5 of 5 ⭐️

Even though Melissa has found her new beginning with Derek, she is still plagued with nightmares of her abusive ex-husband. Rich and successful, the man has been able to slip out from under every criminal charge filed against him, leaving her feeling rather exposed. Especially since she doesn't just have herself to worry about anymore.

Being in the security business affords Derek Alexander a few more tools to keep tabs on his fiancee's violent ex. But the constant reminder of his inability to end the nightmares for his woman, once and for all, grates on his protective nature. He has done everything possible to keep the man behind bars, but he simply is too well connected.

"HARD TIME" by Cara McKenna

by Cara McKenna
ARC Review
Release: April 15, 2014

My rating: 5 of 5 ⭐️

When librarian, Annie Goodhouse, steps into the Cousins Correctional Facility for the first time, she seriously questions whether she should have taken this assignment. She thought she would have been prepared, given her history with an abusive ex boyfriend who put her off men for te last five years and her otherwise solid head on two firm shoulders. But once the doors closed behind her and she felt the intense eyes of the one of the most stunningly handsome men following her every move, it took everything out of her not to run right back out of there.

From the moment she walked through the prison doors, Eric Collier was drawn to her. Sure, five years without a woman would have any man take a second look at a beautiful girl, but there was something about her. The five years he had spent in jail so far, he had tried keeping his nose clean, sticking to the rules and just filling his time. But seeing Annie made him crave for more, for better. He wanted to get to know her.

Blog Tour & Giveaway - FINDING MY WAY by Heidi McLaughlin

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The Beaumont Series, #4
by Heidi McLaughlin
April 14th, 2014  Amazon.UK  Amazon.AUS