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Audio Tour - LOVE IN A SMALL TOWN by Zoe York


 Love in a Small Town by Zoe York
 A Pine Harbor Audiobook 
Publication Date: March 15, 2016 


Six years. Two break-ups. One divorce. They should be over each other. Rafe Minelli knows better than to tell his wife no, particularly since they aren’t married anymore. She can’t hightail it out of town, though, not when they’ve finally broken through the post-divorce cold war status quo.

Olivia Minelli needs to leave Pine Harbour. It’s just too hard to see Rafe moving on without her – even if he says he doesn’t want to. But when a new and exciting job falls into her lap, she needs to choose: protect her heart, or take the new job and risk getting emotionally entangled with her ex-husband. Again.

3.5 of 5 Stars

This was a fun book for me reading about a small town in Ontario and hearing name of placed that I have been to. I could relate with the seeing of the book well.

Rafe and Olivia had a whirlwind romance and were married very quickly six years ago but when they returned to Pine Harbour to start their lives, things were harder than they expected. Olivia learning to live in a new small town, Rafe busy working two jobs that he loved with passions. Life got in the way and they struggled to find the balance to keep a relationship alive. Even though they have now been divorced for two years neither has moved on with their lives romantically.

Rafe has never stopped loving Liv. It might be part of why he has breakfast 3 days a week at the local diner where she works. His work keeps him busy but he is missing something in his life and the more he thinks about it he is certain it is Liv. With that in mind he decides he is going to see if they can start over and give things another try. Now he just needs to convince Liv.

Liv has finally adjusted to this super small town living. She enjoys her work at the diner but she is lonely. Her closest friend was also her sister-in-law and that can be difficult sometimes since the divorce. Getting over Rafe has been hard for her as she still sees him all the time. When an opportunity for work of a different kind arises she jumps all over it. Finding herself busy with this new side work she starts to understand a little more of Rafe's need and want to put his focus on work. Will she be convinced by Rafe that they should maybe start over, date a little and see where things lead?

Can Rafe and Liv have a second chance at the life they had started all those years ago. Will the interference of small town living get in the way? Will people be open to them starting over?

This was a quick easy read. I would have liked a little more connection with the characters but did enjoy the story. I am sure to check out more Pine Harbour in the future.

** Copy provided in exchange for an honest review. **


 New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Zoe York is a busy mom of two young boys and the creator of modern, sexy, small town contemporary romances. Her debut novel, What Once Was Perfect, started the popular Wardham series, and her first military romance, Fall Out, was released as part of the international bestselling SEALs of Summer super bundle. She lives in London, Ontario and is currently chugging Americanos, wiping sticky fingers, and dreaming of heroes in and out of uniform.

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