Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Book Review - SALT WATER WOUNDS by Jennifer Foor

Salt Water Wounds (Oyster Cove #1)

After losing his wife to an untimely death, Buck Wallace has been raising his six children on his own for the last eight years. By day he runs the family business, while at night he’s still lost and alone. When a business opportunity arises, Buck insists on trying his hands at something new.

Alice Perry is desperate to sell her bar, but there’s always a catch to any good deal. She’s had her eye on Buck for a long time. When she learns he’s interested in buying her bar, she decides to provide him with an offer no man could ever refuse.

Find out if a broken man from Oyster Cove can love again in Salt Water Wounds.

4 of 5 Stars

Buck Wallace is lost in his grief still many years later. He is existing in the very minimum and doing what he can to keep his family of 6 children floating above water. Hard work and commitment are some of his strengths which can be seen in the success of his family business. He has done a great job in instilling those qualities in his now grown sons. Raising a young daughter without a mother figure has given him many difficulties. Layla would be proud of how the kids have turned out. Buck has however forgotten one thing she asked of him, to live his life.

Perry does a great job of running the bar and raising her teen son Nick. As per usual, when life is settling down her past comes back as a slap in the face. Her abusive ex-husband has returned and is determined to cause her problems. Over the years she has watched Buck from her side of the bar, trying to be his friend, to encourage him out of this shell that he is stuck in. He is the kind of man that is her dream forever man.

When Buck comes running to her rescue while dealing with her ex-husband, some lines are crossed. Can these two wounded souls be healed? Will they find an even ground and take some steps towards the future or will their past be too strong and hold them back. What will the people of this small town have to say.

To some this book might seem a little sad and depressing in the beginning, but Jennifer does a good job of expressing the emotions that Buck and his children are feeling still after their loss so long ago. Yes, Perry starts out a little overbearing and pushy but she is in desperate need for help. I love that as things progress there is a large focus on moving forward without taking place of the lost, but keeping Layla's memory strong. 

I am curious as to what will come next in the Oyster Cove Series.

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