Friday, January 13, 2017

Book Review - DETOURED BY LOVE by Michelle Lynn

Bryant Garrity isn’t that irresistible.

His lengthy resume of Heisman Trophy winner, number one draft pick and highest paid player isn’t all that impressive. The fact his chiseled jaw and mesmerizing blue eyes have probably made him Mr. Popularity from the age of five isn’t going to work on me. Not when I have goals—goals that don’t include finding myself on an all pro-football heartthrobs checklist.

Carly Lincoln is different.

I could go on and on about her dark wavy curls, her pouty pink lips, or her whiskey-on-the-rock eyes that reveal her truest desires. The fact she’s not impressed by my sports superstar aura like most women makes her worth more than a fling. But this year is my last shot at glory after crumbling to a mere mortal on the game’s biggest stage. My focus needs to be on the ring, not making Carly’s no’s turn to yes’s.

Carly and Bryant’s paths are about to collide, and they better be prepared to fight for what matters most because life’s paths aren’t all sunshine and winding roads.

4.5 of 5 Stars

Bryant has been focused on one this for so long, winning that football game and getting that ring. He has worked hard to keep him self on top, but when an injury slows him down for a while, he has not much to do but think. Thinking can sometimes lead you astray, or it can make you focus a little harder. He has never loved the popularity and exposure of the press. So when he meets Carly and she has no idea who he is, it is refreshing.

Carly is done with relationships, been there done that. Her life includes travel and being away for weeks at a time. She found out that people will tell you one thing while meaning another all along. This is her life an she is going to live it the way she wants to, not how anybody tells her to. When she meets Bryant though she has a hard time staying away.

Can Bryant put the time into having a relationship along with football? Will Carly open up and let him in or push him away when things get tough? Will the past lead push them to not give love a chance? Can they find a HEA?

I love the emotion that Michelle always puts in her books and it is overflowing in this book. Fear, indecision, desire, and love, a love so strong that it outweighs all the others and bring us hope. While reading this book, i was cheering for this couple wanting them to get past the issues and find their way to happiness.

Thank you Michelle for sharing a little about you with this book. I loved the book while reading but your final remarks made me love just that little bit more. I know that every book you write as an author as a little bit of you in it but you gave us so much more this time. I hope everyone gives Detoured by Love a chance.

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