Thursday, February 23, 2017

Book Review - HOMETOWN COWBOY by Sara Richardson

Release date: February 28, 2017



Jessa Mae Love is done with relationships. No matter how tempting he might be, she cannot--will not--fall for a man like Lance Cortez. The outrageously handsome cowboy is practically a living legend in Colorado, as famous for riding bulls as he is for breaking hearts. What would a big-time rodeo star like him see in a small-town veterinarian who wears glasses, rescues animals, and cries when watching rom-coms? Turns out, plenty.

Raising bulls, riding the circuit, and looking after his ailing father--Lance never stands still for long. Yet Jessa catches his attention, and the more she tries to resist him, the more he wants her. When she agrees to move to the ranch to keep an eye on Lance's dad, Jessa tells him they have to keep it professional: no flirting, no sweet talk, and definitely no kissing. But with Jessa now living under his roof, that's easier said than done . . .

4 of 5 Stars
by Erin Prentice

Jessa Mae a veterinarian who rescues animals and runs her late fathers animal shelter is a sucker for romance but after the last breakup she has sworn off men. She has caught the attention of Lance Cortez he is famous for riding bulls and breaking hearts.

He is trying to train for the bull riding circuit and take care of his ailing father. He enlists Jessa to come and live with his father on the ranch while he is training. Jessa has captured his attention and the more she resists him the more he wants to pursue her. His troubled past has prevented him from letting anyone get too close but the feelings he develops for Jessa have him thinking of the future.

Can he get Jessa on the same page?

Wonder what will happen next in the Rocky Mountain Riders Series.

*** Advanced copy provided in exchange for an honest review. ***  

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