Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Book Review - GIRL IN THE MIRROR by Elizabeth Reyes

Girl In The Mirror
by Elizabeth Reyes

A girl without a past.

Margaret Hellman wakes in a hospital with no memory of the horrific accident that claimed the lives of her sister and their best friend.

After years of struggling to regain a fraction of her memories, Maggie is left with no choice but to accept her past is gone. Despite the tormenting void in her heart.

Then the triggers start.

Tiny indiscernible but profoundly emotional glimpses of her past. The day she meets him, at her sister's graveside sets off the most explosive trigger to date. It's so overwhelming Maggie's convinced she's supposed to remember—she needs to.

As the puzzling pieces of her past start to come together, it's clear something's amiss. But nothing can prepare her for the shocking reality of what really happened that fateful day seven years ago.

Girl in the Mirror is a psychological romantic suspense with a twist you'll NEVER see coming!

3.75 of 5 Stars
I am a fan of Elizabeth's writing and have followed her 5th Street and Moreno Brothers Series. I love watching writers take that cautious step out of their normal box. Yes there is still a little bit of a romance feel to this book but if romance is your key element you are looking for you might be disappointed. If you are looking for a book that will keep you reading and turning pages to uncover what truly happened then this is your book.

Maggie wakes up from a horrific accident with no memory of who she is with her mother by her side. After a long healing process she and her mother move on to a new town. Poor Maggie has nothing to go by except for what her mother has told her/shown her over the years. As she goes through the steps of moving forward, finishing school and beginning her career she has always felt an emotional hole in her heart. More than the loss of her identical twin but like she was missing something or someone.

As she begins to have more little flashes of memory, she become more and more determined to find what that something she is missing from her past is. The more she finds out the more confused she becomes. Everywhere she turns she finds more lies. Who can she trust? Why so many lies? Will she ever find the truth to who she is and what she is missing?
As emotional as this book is for Maggie, I didn't quite get the emotional connection that I usually feel with Eli's characters. 

*** Advanced copy provided in exchange for an honest review. ***

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