Sunday, August 6, 2017

Release Blitz & Review - BEAST by Elizabeth Reyes

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She holds the power to tame the

Beast . . .

or unleash him if he lets her in.

This close to turning his life around and just months away from the end of his probation, all Leo has to do is keep his inner demons in check.

But the Beast within is about to be reawakened.

One interview was all it was supposed to be. An interview with the daunting felon in the work-release program that leaves Allison breathless with anticipation for their next encounter.

Despite the risks of becoming involved, neither is able to fight the inexplicable draw they’re feeling.

Life keeps throwing them back together until the fateful night they stop fighting the inevitable and give into their desires. Suddenly, Leo has even more to look forward to in his new life.

Until his violent past catches up to him.

With the stakes infinitely higher now that Allison may also be at risk, the dormant Beast deep inside Leo threatens to unleash, ruining all the progress he’s made—worst of all any future with Allison.

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Leo's phone dinged again before he reached it. Even more curious now, he picked it up. The texts were from Nine. Hey, man, how goes it? “The hell?” Two things were instantly in Leo’s cynical head. Either Nine’s phone had been compromised, and this was someone else using his phone to get to Leo. Or this was his anything but-subtle friend’s way of feeling him out before dropping something big on him. He scrolled down and read the second text.

You still in Yuma, right? Leo’s heart sped up. His gut said this was Nine trying to feel him out, but he wouldn’t chance it. He sent off a text with two words:
Call me.

No way was he giving out any info unless he knew for sure he was talking to Nine. To his relief, the phone rang, but he still answered cautiously. “Nine?”

“Yeah, who else would it be?”

“Why you being so fucking weird?” Leo asked as he walked back into the kitchen.

“Weird? I asked two questions. You’re still there, right?”

Instantly, Leo was feeling irritable, but he’d since accepted he’d likely be irritable for the rest of his life. “Yeah, who wants to know?”

“I was just wondering.”

Stopping in the middle of the kitchen, it dawned on Leo. His second thought. “Why? Did something happen?” Nine did something he rarely did—went quiet. “What the fuck? What’s going on?”

“He doesn’t know,” Leo heard Nine’s voice trail off. “You tell him.”

“Tell me what?” Instinct had Leo heading for his bedroom where his shoes, wallet, and bag were.

“Hey, man.” Orlando was on the phone now, which only panicked Leo further.

What was it Nine didn’t want to tell him? He stopped in front of his bed, swallowing hard. “What’s going on?”

What others are saying

4 of 5 Stars

We met Allison in Lila's book, she is the quirky little sister. But in Lila's book we are lead to believe that she is shy and naive with a little bit of curiosity. The more we get to know and understand Alison as you read this book you discover that she is coming into her own. New look and a strong sight on a future. Jumping full force into the world of journalism and all it has to offer. She has been taught well to keep digging for the story you want and to get individuals to talk to you. Can she use these lessons to get Beast to open up to her?

Leonardo is on the strong road to living his life his way on the right side of the tracks. If he can just get through this work program and probation it should be smooth sailing. Hoping and praying that he can leave his past where it belongs in the past. When he spots Allison across the gym he is drawn instantly, but knows he can't go there. When forced to interview with her he is determined to give her only what she needs and get out. Will the feisty girl get under his skin.

The last thing either of them were counting on is the connection they felt so quickly. The desire and needs, will they give in? Good girl wanting the bad boy. Bad boy with a need to protect. Is there a hope for them or will it end in disaster?

Elizabeth is good at sharing her characters feelings and drawing you into a book. You want to know how it ends. This book was no different. I did feel with the super fast connection, it found some parts feeling a little rushed and hoped for some more in depth character build. I did enjoy the book the way it was but think there was room for a little more.

*** Advanced copy provided in exchange for an honest review. ***

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