Sunday, February 25, 2018

Blog Tour & Review - SAVING GRACE by Gigi Aceves

Today we have the blog tour for SAVING GRACE by Gigi Aceves! I am so excited to share this new romance with you—check it out and grab your copy today!

Author: Gigi Aceves
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Grace Carmichael’s world was turned upside down when she was fifteen. The convent became her home. The Grotto her safe haven. She lived, breathed, and learned a life she never chose. Ten years later, freedom came knocking and she took a chance she never thought she would.  

Phoenix Hayes experienced a double dose of heartache when death tragically altered his life at seventeen. Being the ultimate warrior he has never doubted a mission. Except for one — saving Grace.  

Sometimes to find yourself you have to risk everything including your heart — even your life.

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5 Stars

This book has just the right amount of sweet and pure innocence to offset the overpowering protectiveness and alpha male. The suspense and angst will also have you wanting to keep reading and see what will happen.

Grace had her life turned upside down and finds herself living in a convent from age 15 to 25 in hiding. With minimal notice that changes. But as sheltered as she has been Grace takes these next challenges like a warrior. Trying to do everything she can to adjust to her new surroundings. Drawn to this man who is supposed to be her protector.

Nix was not excited for this next mission. He is worried for the impact it could have on his family. As strong and stern as he is, he is also empathetic when Grace breaks down from concern. He fights his feeling toward the Angel to the point of miserable. But when he finally realizes just how special Grace is and how good she can be for him, he does a complete 180.

Can they escape the dangers of the past? Will Nix release his anger and pain and find a love worth fighting for?

I liked the characters from the very beginning. But the way the author brings in such strong secondary characters that add a depth to the story. I was laughing one minute to concerned or sad the next. I might be hoping that some of the secondary characters will get their story too.

*** Advanced copy provided in exchange for an honest review.*** 



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