Saturday, August 2, 2014

HONEY WHISKEY by Carina Adams

(The Bastards MC #2)
by Carina Adams
ARC Review

My rating: 4.5 of 5 ⭐️

"The Bastards live in a world that most don’t understand. We follow our own rules, only accountable to each other, the innocents we protect, and the people we couldn’t save. Each of us wears a mask, hiding behind a polite smile and a respectable job, covering the monsters inside. I made peace with who I was a long time ago. I have no regrets.

Except one.

I've been in love with Jo Walker for years, always standing on the sideline, playing the only position I could. When she looks at me, she sees her best friend; he's the man I want to be. I blew it once; I walked away, leaving her with more questions than answers, knowing it was best for both of us.

A few months without her made me realize that nothing mattered if I couldn’t have her. I need to get her back, and I’ll do anything she asks, including telling her my darkest truths.

I expect her to run away and never look back. That’s the smart thing to do, the safe thing to do. I’m no good for someone like her. This life will only syphon all the goodness away, leaving her bitter and cold. It seems like my choice should be easy.

But, I’m not letting her go without a fight."


Wow!! I am SO impressed!! This is the second book by Carina Adams and the second in the Bastards' MC series and it shows such incredible improvement and growth.

The background story of The Bastards MC series was a very intriguing one right from the beginning, and Matty and Jo's story formed a beautiful introduction to this group of militant misfits with giant soft spots. However, in book one Matty and Jo never got to finish telling their entire tale. A lot happened in that novel and the reader was left feeling a bit confused and perhaps lost with more questions than answers, not realizing that there would be another book to follow that would provide closure on many of the dangling threads.

And Honey Whiskey sure brings closure to some issues - at least for Matty and Jo it does. Matty lived in fear of Jo finding out about his double life, the other side of him he had never disclosed to her. He knew she loved the fun and BFF version of him, but would she still feel that way if she knew all of his secrets? 

Jo has made some major changes in her life, not the least of which is her divorce and the joint parenting agreement she negotiated with her ex. Ready to focus on herself, it is time to make some decisions. One of them is moving to Boston, which happens to be where Matty is based as well. Lucky coincidence or calculated strategy? We'll never know, but facing him again brings home how pathetic her life has been without him in it. 

A very unique format for an MC story as well as a complex but truly moving love story between Jo and Matty, one that will stay with me for a long time. Very well done, Carina! I hope there will be many more BASTARDs MC novels to come, because of the wonderful group of characters portrayed, many of whom deserve their own happy ending. I'll be waiting and watching!!

✨A highly recommended, angsty, raw and moving account of second chances.✨

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