Monday, August 25, 2014


(MMA Series #3)
by Vi Keeland
ARC Review
Released: August 25, 2014

My rating: 4.5 of 5 ⭐️

The fog of loss has finally started to lift for Lily St. Clair after losing her father six months ago. She was left with the daily runnings of his gyms along with his business partner Joe and Joe's nephew Caden. A fighter who had taken a personal interest in Lily, but was a bit more persistent than she was comfortable with at this point. With Joe ready to retire, they were looking at bringing in some new investors who might be able to take up some of the slack when the time came. Leading the pack is Jax Knight. A man who may not only be the answer to the future of her business, but appears to hold a slew of other future promises as well.....

Jax has tried to distance himself from a sordid family scandal that recently came to light, changing his perception of the world. And one that revealed some unexpected additions to his immediate circles. Eager to focus his attentions elsewhere, he devotes himself to the potential investment in the chain of gyms run by Lily St. Clair. A woman he had only spoken to via email or phone before. The flesh and blood version of her had quite an impact. But in his eagerness to ensure the object of his interest and her business are safe, he may have well disqualified himself in the process......

I loved the build up of the relationship between Lily and Jax. The little 'special' quirky things they did, to bring their connection to a slightly different plane. The gentle push and pull dynamic that would  not overwhelm, but keep the tension tight enough without breaking or forcing it. Only to result in a delicious and rather voracious consumation from both sides, once the gloves came off!

I have read each of the books in this series and thoroughly enjoy them. Not generally a fan of the fighting sport, I can see and appreciate the dedication, skill and work it takes to be able to reach that level. It is also clear how difficult it would be, given the intense training, the schedule, the travelling and the external attention, to pursue and maintain a meaningful relationship, yet Vi Keeland gives us men who all show they are ready to make the necessary adjustments in their life to make that happen. And she develops women who are strong enough to stand up to them, stand up for them and stand by them, while at the same time allowing their male counterparts to do the same for them. Very great balance in Ms. Keeland's written relationships - I love it!!

✨A little intense, a little dark, a little coy..... a lot HOT!!✨

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