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Release Blitz - WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT by Catherine Scott

When You Least Expect It
Great Expectations Series, Bk #1
by Catherine Scott
Release Date: April 2015
Cover: Rebel Edit & Design

Jade Davis had  experienced a lifetime of loss. After years of keeping almost everyone at arm's length she becomes the target of a stalker. Jade re-evaluates her career choice and leaves her only friends to start a new life.

Leo Blackbird left his native North Carolina after the death of his wife and child. As an art teacher in a small school district in Southern Illinois he has a good life. No one has tempted him until Jade Davis becomes the new special education teacher in the classroom across the hall.

The attraction between Jade and Leo is impossible to ignore. But Jade's stalker is not done with her yet.  Amazon.UK  Amazon.AUS
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After about a half hour of announcements and speeches, Jade found herself looking around restlessly. Just then, Jade got tapped by Cynthia and Rose.  Apparently the administration had announced the new hires and she was being asked to stand and introduce herself. 

Jade suddenly felt overwhelmed.  She had been accustomed to standing in front of groups of children and even a few adults at a time, but being on the spot in front of an entirely unfamiliar group of people filled her with a sudden panic.  Jade momentarily contemplated bolting before her eyes fixed on a pair of intent gray eyes standing at the library entrance.  Leo was there leaning against the doorway, staring at her intently. She concentrated on what he was wearing; a long sleeved white t-shirt that was rolled up to his elbows with and a pair of jeans and motorcycle boots.  In that moment, she felt safe looking at him.

Suddenly she spoke as though speaking only to Leo.  Their eyes remained locked until she was done telling the room full of high school employees where she was from, what school she attended and accepted her assorted welcomes from the surrounding employees.  The moment her eyes lost contact with his and she glanced back at the doorway, he had disappeared.  No one else seemed to notice the exchange though.  It was almost as though she imagined him, but the fact that his presence seemed to comfort her was puzzling and slightly disturbing. She could do this. She had no room for a man in her life, especially right now. It was best.

When You Least Expect It
By Catherine Scott

4.5 of 5 Stars

I truly loved the story of Jade and Leo.

Jade is such a strong beautiful woman who doesn't dwell on the material things of life. She is truly wise beyond her years. Learning to deal with the events of her past and overcome the next hurdle to keep living. Working at an early age to make sure that needs were met. Living on her own with a purpose in order to not let her mom down. When she decides to move and take on this teaching job she realizes this is the next step in moving forward. She however did not expect to find Leo.

Leo is not stranger to tragedy and learning to move on with your life as to not be lost in the past. The only real difference between him and Jade is that he is at a different point in his own journey. Leo is such a caring and loving man. He is confident enough to understand that Jade is not ready for any more drastic changes in her life and willing to be there in whatever form she needs until she is ready. What Jade doesn't yet realize is that she has brought Leo back to life.

Watching Jade on her life journey while slowly letting Leo in a little more each day. Is there a hope for an HEA for everyone? Do some of us manage to get two changes at HEA? 
Catherine as has done a great job in building characters that you fall in love with. They make you hope that things will work out for them. You even anticipate a little bit of the story and try to see how the secondary characters fit into the story or more possible stories. Here is hoping that maybe there is more to come from this small town.

**Advance copy provided in exchange for honest review**

Catherine Scott grew up in the Chicago area but fell in love with the Southern Illinois region while attending university where she studied psychology and special education.  She was encouraged to appreciate the outdoors, fine art, film, and books in equal measure from a young age.  Catherine has taught the best kids in the world for more than 15 years. She loves reading, travel, old movies, impressionist art, and 80s music.  Catherine lives in Kentucky with 3 dogs and the love of her life.  She writes romantic suspense novels.  “When You Least Expect It” is the first novel in her Great Expectations series.



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