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Review - RICOCHET: FRIENDLY FIRE by Heather C Leigh

by Heather C Leigh

4 of 5 Stars

Rick "Ricochet" Brennan served eight years as an elite Marine special ops Force Recon soldier. After an injury, and the terrible memories from that night, he retires and goes to work for his former Command Officer, Howard "Mack" McEvoy, at his training center in Atlanta.

Sanctum MMA appears on the surface to be a normal gym, training elite fighters to be the best. Except each trainer, hand-picked by Mack, possesses a special background that allows Mack to run one of the best-kept secrets in the country.

When twenty-three year old Quinn Wallace finally escapes her abusive husband, she turns to her father’s old Marine Corps buddy, Mack, for help. Broken and skittish, Quinn finds herself surrounded by large, intimidating men— men who could easily overpower her. She avoids them the best she can, but when Rick turns out to be more than just a rough fighter with bruised knuckles, she finds herself wondering if she can allow herself to trust again.

Ricochet is a full-length novel to be released as three parts.


Rick is not familiar with these feelings that he is having and not exactly sure how best to process. Where the hell is she, why did she just leave without talking to him? What did he do wrong? Deciding he needs to talk to someone he decided to start with his family as screwed up as they are, they are all he as. When on a mission he knows the importance of being 100% focused on the job. Can he get Quinn out of his mind long enough to do the job expected of him?

When Quinn is satisfied that she has a good start on the closure she needed before she could even begin to take on the next steps of her life, she heads back. This time away has only helped to increase the what if syndrome. Will Rick give her a chance to explain why she reacted the way she did? Will he be angry with her that he will not talk with her? So many unanswered questions.

Rick and Quinn decide that is time to stop this crazy dance of ignoring one another and confront their demons. Given the fast history and the feelings that they share, they just might be finally moving in the right direction. Rick is still certain that Quinn is still holding something back. Not wanting to push her he is willing to wait her out a little while longer. Somehow things don't see that easy for these two. Can they survive what happens next?

I can't wait to get my hands on Extraction Point. I need to know what is in store for Rick and Quinn.... please!!!!!

** Advanced copy provided in exchange for an honest review**

Ricochet: Locked & Loaded 

Ricochet: Friendly Fire 

Ricochet: Extraction Point 
Releases April 12th 

After growing up in New England, I currently live just outside Atlanta, GA.
I love the Red Sox and hate the Yankees.
I love hot, sexy romance novels, but hate long, drawn out misunderstandings as a plot line.
I love book series, but hate cliffhangers.
I love alpha males, but hate when they borderline on abusive.
Mostly? I love love love chocolate.

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