Thursday, July 23, 2015

Blog Tour - FIGHTING FATE by Scarlett Finn


Fighting Fate by Scarlett Finn
Publication Date: July 14, 2015 

Tour: Fighting Fate by Scarlett Finn

Ivy Dune knows how to survive.

Even when her paycheck-to-paycheck life is ripped from her by a vicious crimelord without a conscience, Ivy knows she'll do whatever it takes to make it to the other side alive. 

Dax Harrow has made a living off of blood and pain...both in the ring and out. 

As an enforcer for the most lethal family in California, Dax knows the bounds of loyalty and will do anything to pay back the debt he owes them, no matter the cost. 

When Ivy is placed in Dax's care neither of them are prepared for the fallout. As enemies close in around them, Ivy and Dax must be prepared for the fight of their lives.

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‘You should learn to be more careful.’

The disembodied voice came from the other side of the alley and it brought her up short. Pausing to peer through the darkness, a figure emerged from the shadows and she identified the black-haired man from the suite upstairs, whom Trystan had referred to as Dax.

‘You should take your own advice, stranger. Loitering in dark alleys to rough up single women could get you into trouble.’

‘If I was here to rough you up, you wouldn’t have seen me coming, and I wouldn’t have announced myself.’

‘Said the voice of experience,’ she said. ‘Are you proud of what happened tonight?’

‘Heard you got yourself fired.’

‘No, your buddy did that. He’s a bully with an overinflated sense of entitlement. One day he’ll get what’s coming to him.’

‘Not while I’m around to stand in the way,’ he said. ‘You better watch yourself. You pissed off a very influential guy tonight.’

‘So I’ve already been told,’ she muttered. Getting away from this place and this person was appealing, but in truth she had nowhere better to be.

‘Mr Stark does not like to be disrespected and he’s been known to hold a grudge.’

‘Doesn’t he have anything better to do?’

‘You better hope that he finds something, because if he gets tonight’s events stuck in his teeth you’re going to be a very sorry little girl.’

Scarlett Finn

Having known from a young age that writing was her passion Scarlett has spent large portions of her life dreaming up men, and women, and putting them together to see what they get up to. “The characters write the story. I just get it down on paper for them.” Finding her solace in books, reading and writing, have been her eternal companion through all the highs and lows in her life. Now is time to let the characters flourish and to live forever as she shares them with you. Good luck on your adventures.

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