Friday, August 7, 2015

Sale - KALIL by S. Reynolds

Get started in the S.O.C. Series with Kalil! 

Running from a Serial Killer
With nowhere to hide...
Who will get to who first?

KALIL: BOOK 1 in the S.O.C. Series

What do you do when you escape a killer and he’s still hunting you?
You hide until he catches you…

Since Marissa Taylor’s narrow escape from her would be killer, she’s been on the run. He continues to hunt her leaving behind a trail of misery. Even the FBI can’t catch him.

When Kalil Masters, an agent in a CIA Special Operatives Unit is sent to “capture or kill” this predator, he is prepared to use any means necessary, even if it's using Marissa as bait.

Playing on Marissa’s trust is the hardest thing Kalil has ever had to do, but the ends justify the means, don't they?

Due to language, sexual content and sexual violence from the killer, this book is intended for readers of the age 18+

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