Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Review - ALL THE SECRETS WE KEEP by Megan Hart

All the Secrets We Keep (Quarry Road #2)
by Megan Hart

In the riveting conclusion to Megan Hart’s passionate new family drama, the secrets they keep are no match for the truths their hearts will never let go.

Still stuck in his small Central Pennsylvania hometown, Ilya Stern is used to feeling like a disappointment. After his high school girlfriend, Jennilynn, drowned, he married her sister, Alicia, only to divorce a decade later. The business they started together is threatened by a luxury development—and Alicia has already sold her stake. Now that Babulya, Ilya’s gentle Russian grandmother, has died, there’s no one left who believes in him. Or so he thinks.

Theresa Malone was Ilya’s stepsister for only a year, until his mother threw her pill-popping father out of the house in the middle of the night, forcing teenage Theresa to follow. Now she’s returned for Babulya’s funeral—and to facilitate the quarry-development deal. As she tries to convince Ilya to sell, she realizes her feelings for him have ignited—from sisterly into something more.

Working together closely, Ilya and Theresa struggle to define their intense attraction. When the details of Jennilynn’s death surface, will Ilya and Theresa’s deep connection keep their hope for the future afloat—or submerge them once and forever in their tragic past?


4 Stars
by Cheryl Stewart

Ilya Stern was a failure in his opinion. When Jenni drowned he knew something was wrong but didn’t know what it was. After her death he married her sister as a way to keep Jenni in his life. The dive shop was a way to keep Jenni in both his and Alicia’s lives. After divorcing a decade later Ilya and Alicia finally realized that their marriage should have never happen. I was never what either of them wanted. When Ilya’s brother comes home for their grandmother’s funeral old feelings are uncovered between him and Alicia. Feelings that turn into so much more than either expected. This was hard for Ilya to see however he wanted everyone to be happy.

All Ilya needed was for someone to believe in him. When Teresa Malone waltz’s back into their life so many secrets unfold. Teresa and Ilya’s families were connected for a year while their parents were married. Due to her pill-popping father all of that was taken away one night when they were kicked out of the house they had been living in with Ilya and his family. 10 years later she shows up at Babulya’s funeral. She convinces Alicia to sell her shares of the dive shop to an investor she is working for. Needing the sale to help her out of her own financial issues. As she tries to convince Ilya to sell, she realizes her feelings for him have ignited—from sisterly into something more. She sees potential in Ilya that no one has seen before. When the diner comes up for sale she sees it as a great business opportunity for her and Ilya. As their feelings for each other get stronger they decide to take a chance on the diner and their relationship. When secrets are brought to light their relationship is put to the test. Will they be able to put the past behind them.

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