Thursday, June 1, 2017

Review - THE FIRST WORD by Isley Robson

The First Word (The Visionaries #1)

To stay sane, Andie Tilly must keep her mind on her work. Her job as a pediatric occupational therapist is the perfect distraction from the unspeakable tragedy she experienced as a child. But when she meets alternative-energy magnate Rhys Griffiths and his autistic toddler, Will, she quickly realizes her heart will never be the same. Especially when her name becomes Will’s first word.

After accepting a position as a live-in therapist for Will, Andie steels herself against the appeal of the disconcertingly attractive—and attracted—Rhys. But their chemistry can no longer be denied, and their heated affair seems destined for happily ever after. A destiny Andie’s terrified to embrace.

When Andie’s guilt, Rhys’s awkwardness, and the abrupt appearance of an erratic ex threaten to dismantle their delicately blooming relationship, they must decide if love is worth the challenge. Can Andie and Rhys find their way back to each other? Or will the demons of the past simply prove too strong?


4.5 of 5 Stars
by Erin Prentice 

Andie is an Occupational Therapist who devotes her time to helping others. She devotes herself to her work to help distract her from the tragedy of her past. Due to cut backs at her job she was let go, but is given an opportunity by the very handsome Rhys Griffiths and his autistic son.

When Rhys's son Will spoke his first word and it was Andie's name he knew he would do anything to have Andie work with his son. Andie accepts the position as a live in therapist for Will at Rhys's home. Andie and Rhys soon find out they have unmistakable chemistry, but along the way there are obstacles. The abrupt reappearance of Rhys's ex, Will's mother who abandoned them when Will was 6 months old. She will do anything now to be back in there lives including ruining the relationship Andie and Rhys are developing.

Andie also needs to overcome her demons from her past in order to move forward. Can they find there way through this and have a happy ending?

This was a well written book that kept me hooked from the very beginning. I enjoyed the characters ans their growth throughout the story.

*** Advanced copy provided in exchange for an honest review. ***

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