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Review - VENGEANCE by D.M.Earl

Vengeance front

Title: Vengeance (The Journals Trilogy Book 2)
Author: D.M. Earl
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 20


I am a survivor.

Ten years ago, my world was shattered. One night changed my life forever by a sadist who took everything from me, just because he could. And while he did this, a green-eyed stranger watched and did nothing … or so I thought.

When my past and present collide, I am swept away by all the memories, horrors, and dreams of my past.

I want revenge.

And finally, after all the years of pain and sacrifices I’ve had to make, an opportunity presents itself. Within a twenty-four hour period, my tormenter and my green-eyed watcher enter my life once again.

Seeing this as my chance, I begin to make use of my blue journal, detailing my plans for revenge; taking matters into my own hands. Will I have what it takes to ignore what is right and wrong? To bring myself to make the men still alive pay for what they took from me? And how do I forgive the man I hold partially responsible when he’s the one supplying me with the means to get what I want?

With only a small window of time available, I have to be ready to take back my life, consequences be damned.

Because of my ANGUISHED past, my present will always be filled with VENGEANCE.

I am Quinn. This is my life—my story.

4.5 of 5 Stars

I am loving the uniqueness of this trilogy and must tell you that you need to read these wonderful books in order.

In Anguish the story is set with the past and the events that has made Quinn who she is today. It helps to explain some of her quirks and why she does the things she does.

But in Vengeance, we get a whole different dynamic. Hang onto your hat as it is one hell of a ride. Quinn seems to have come to terms with Stone being here to help and protect her but she is still not 100% over the hate she has for him. His part in all that happened so many years ago. But he makes her feel safe so she is risking her family and trying to trust him.

Stone realized that he needs to open himself up to Quinn in order to start to help her understand. He has quilt from that horrific night but him being here and helping her is about so much more than that. He will stop at nothing to make sure that Quinn and her family can rest easy. No more looking over their shoulder at every corner.

The events of this book will blow your mind. I don't want to give anymore away but be prepared for unbelievable strength from Quinn and Stone's crew. There were times when I wanted to jump in the book and do some ass kicking myself.

I was not anywhere near ready for this book to end when it did. I am very impatiently waiting for AWAKENING....

** Advanced copy provided in exchange for an honest review. **

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