Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Cover Reveal - DARE TO DREAM by Isabelle Peterson

Here it is! 
The cover for DARE TO DREAM, the 6th and final installment of 
The Dream Series by Isabelle Peterson! 
Anticipated Release Date for the conclusion of this series: March 30, 2016! 
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DARE TO DREAM by Isabelle Peterson
What's next for the Fairchilds?

Elizabeth Fairchild and, her true love, Jack Stevens, have organized the Dare to Dream Gala, and her whole family is joining her in New York.

Her three children all seem to have secrets.

Bradley, her oldest, wants to talk to her, but won’t say why.

Carter, her middle child, is bringing a girlfriend, but has said very little about her.

Even her youngest, Phoebe, seems to be hiding something.

Secrets and a reunion...Will there be celebrations?

Other books in the Series
This is the final book of the series and not a standalone:
This is the Dream series reading order:
1: Ditching the Dream (Elizabeth’s story)
2: Not in My Wildest Dreams (Jack’s story)
3: Chasing the Dream (Phoebe’s story)
4: Unexpected Dreams (Greg’s story)
5: Feels Like a Dream (Kevin’s story)
6: Dare to Dream (Everyone PLUS Carter Fairchild and Bradley Fairchild)

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