Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Release Blitz - FORBIDDEN ENTICEMENT by Steffy Rogers

Forbidden Enticement 
Author: Steffy Rogers 

Release Date: March 1st, 2016
Cover Models: Michael Muench & Brooklyn
Cover Design By Graphiqkx by Brad
Genre: Contemporary Romance

I've been doing porn for five years - five years in which I've seen it all. Females don't last long in this business but somehow I have managed to. It's not a job I'm proud of, but it pays the bills and until I'm ready, I'm not giving it up. Even he can't change that. He doesn't know about the alter ego I slip into once a week. My porn name Cassidy Wilder remains a secret to him and I'm determined to keep Nash Ross out of the loop for as long as I can. I’m Heaven McDaniels and this is my story.

In this world the name Ross means something - it means power, strength, and success. I’m Nash Ross and I've worked hard to build my empire. A businessman like me doesn't have time for a relationship, not even with her. Heaven McDaniels - the mysterious girl who works for me. I know she has secrets and as much as I want to find out what she's hiding, I can't risk falling for her. I have to resist the temptation, no matter how hard it is.

When pornstar meets businessman can they deny their attraction or will the forbidden enticement draw them to each other even more?


“Gisela, please get Miss McDaniels in my office. I need to speak with her. Immediately!” Rage is building up inside of me – she should’ve told me, given me a chance to step away, but no, she let it happen. She let me fuck her - let me develop feelings I’ve never had for anyone else. I don’t share my woman. Ever. She skillfully played me knowing I’d eventually find out. Surely she must’ve known that I’d find out? I have more money than I could ever spend, how could she possibly think I wouldn’t implement the necessary steps to expose her secret? Fuck. What a disaster this all is.

“You wanted to see me, Mr. Ross?” Her sweet voice fills the space around me, reminding me how we were just a few moments ago, embraced in each other’s arms. Now this. What a fucking mess.

“Explain to me how you were able to hide that you’re a porn star on your background check, Heaven?” Her mouth falls open, her shock evident at my discovery.

“Nash…” she starts.

“Why, Heaven? Why did you let this happen knowing what the consequences could be for both of us if what else you do for a living ever came to light? Did you really think I wouldn’t find out?”

“Nash, I told you I don’t date, and that’s the reason. I told you it was a bad idea. You can’t solely blame this one on me. It takes two to tango,” she snaps at me.

“You fooled me, Heaven. I had no idea your alter ego, Cassidy Wilder, existed. Why are you doing porn, Heaven?”

“Because I don’t have millions in the bank to easily pay off my student loans. I don’t have a trust fund that’ll pay for it either. I have to work hard for my money. One more year and the loans will be gone, and then I’m done with the porn business. Until then, I have to keep living two lives. Please, Nash, don’t fire me. I don’t know how you found out, but I’ve done a great job covering it up this long. Nobody knows, only Stella and the people I work with.”

“Do you realize what it could mean for the company if your secret comes out? Heaven, I don’t want to fire you, but I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to jeopardize my company like that. I too have worked hard to accomplish the things I have. If you for one second think building this empire was easy, you’re wrong. I had to face struggles too just like anyone else. You’re going to have to retire if you want to continue to work here. Take a week off, think about what you want to do, and let me know. But be aware that if you choose to stay in porn, I’ll have to let you go.”

“Nash, one year. One year is all I need. I can’t lose that income. My parents used to help me but they’re not here to help anymore.” She’s crying again.

I hate that I put those tears there, but I have to think of the well-being of the company first. Too many jobs are at stake if I let her continue to sell her body.

“I’m sorry, Heaven. I don’t have a choice. It’s either Ross Inc. or the porn. You can’t have both.” Nodding her head in understanding she leaves my office.

Steffy Rogers is a self-professed bookaholic who is fluent in English, German and Sarcasm.
When she isn’t working or going to school, she spends her free time writing.
She makes a home in a college town in Georgia with her dog Karma and her cat Olaf.
However, her heart belongs in Germany, where she lived for twenty years prior to returning to the USA.

Though her memories of Germany are blurry due to the delicious beer, she knows one day she will return home for good.

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