Thursday, June 30, 2016

Release Blitz & Review - YOU NEVER KNOW by Catherine Scott

Book: You Never Know
Author: Catherine Scott
Release: 30th June

Cover Designer: Margreet Asselbergs

Love hurts…
Raul was abandoned by his parents and hurt by the one person he loved most in the world on the same day. So he has on rule. Don’t get involved. That strategy worked really well until Sam showed up. 

Sam is recovering from a humiliating break up. But he has a goal to build his dream house. The last thing he needs is to fall in low again.

Sam and Raul struggle as jealousy and daily stress take a toll and threaten to destroy Raul and Sam’s future.

4 of 5 Stars

Raul caught my attention in Later Than Expected. I was drawn to his flamboyant personality. So I was very excited for him to get his story. You do not need to read Later Than Expected to read and understand Raul & Sam's story.

Raul has not had an easy life, kicked out at 16 and found his way mostly on his own. Special thanks to Greta for believing in him and taking him home. As a result he is convinced he will never love again, once bitten twice shy. Raul tends to turn to humor and avoidance instead of anything serious if he can help it. The very last thing he was looking for was the love of his life. Heck he hadn't even sorted out who he really was and what his future looked like. But when Sam walked into his life he tried to keep him at arms length. However, we don't get to decide who the heart love, it just kind of takes over and does what it wants.

Sam thought he found love once, but that didn't end the way he hoped. It has been a long haul trying to get back to normal since his break up with Liam. Work and family have been his main focus but it is time to try and get back out there again. One visit to the G-Spot for a drink and his organized life of work and family are spinning out of control. Wanting to spend time with Raul he was willing to take friendship over lover. Not that it stayed that way for long.

For her debut M/M romance Catherine did a great job of bringing out the relationship between
Raul and Sam not only the attraction and sex. Like any relationship it is work and these men have lots of work. Emotions are shared and you feel those emotions while reading. For the new to M/M romance reading this is a great start.

Hoping that maybe this is just the beginning of the connections to come from the G-Spot. I see a series in the making.....fingers crossed.

**Advanced copy provided in exchange for an honest review. **

Catherine Scott writes romantic suspense novels and M/M romance. “When You Least Expect It” is her debut novel and the first in the Great Expectations series. “Later than Expected” was her second novel in that series. The Men of the G-Spot series is a M/M romance spin off with Raul, a character first introduced in “Later Than Expected” as the central character and focus of book 1, “You Never Know.”

Catherine grew up in the Chicago area. She fell in love with the Southern Illinois region while attending university where she studied psychology and special education. Catherine has taught the best kids in the world for more than 15 years. Catherine lives in Kentucky with 3 dogs and the love of her life. She loves to travel and is obsessed with All Blacks rugby.

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