Thursday, June 30, 2016

Review - GRIT - SECTOR 1 ELIAS by Rebecca Sherwin

Title: GRIT Sector 1: Elias
Series: GRIT
Genre: Dark romance/suspense

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I thought I was safe. I FOUGHT TO KEEP THEM ALIVE. I thought I was good. THERE WAS NO GOOD LEFT HERE. I thought I was just a girl. I WAS MORE THAN JUST A MAN. I didn't see it coming. I SHOULD HAVE SEEN IT COMING. Destiny had brought us together. HISTORY WOULD TEAR US APART.
Twenty-first century London - daytime Freedom is non-existent. Self-expression is confined to sunlight hours. Happiness is on a schedule. Safety is a temporary fixture.
Twenty-first century London - nighttime. Blood cascades over cobbled stones. Criminals emerge from the shadows. The depraved, the deviant, the morally corrupt, own the streets. Happiness comes in the form of final breaths. Safety is found in the shrills of death.
A love story emerges inside the barricades. A story played out many times before... But not like this. It's evolution of tradition. It's insanity fighting to break the cycle. It's history's repetition with hope for a better outcome.
Can love survive in a drowning capital? What if the good guys aren't the good guys? What if the heroes have become the villains?
Trixie Ashford has been living a lie. Elias Blackwood has been creating it.
It is their destiny to meet. It will be their downfall to fall in love…


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4 of 5 Stars

This is my first ever Rebecca Sherwin read and I jumped in with both feet. I had no idea of the dark and twisted mind she has. Still a couple of days later I don't know how to write my review and do the book the justice it deserves. You will not find a dull moment while reading. There is so much going on from the mystery and intrigue of the underground work that comes out at night, the history behind GRIT; how it came about and where it has evolved to today, and lastly to a forbidden love that thrives through hatred and pain.

Elias has been shaped his entire life to be what is needed as part of GRIT. He is of strong beliefs and fiercely loyal to his family. He wears many hats and with those hats comes many different facades. Sometime it is very hard to know when you are facing the real... Elias. He has the opportunity to have everything he has hoped for but in one foul swoop, life as he knows it changes. How will he handle that change? Will he be able to work with the new findings and make the GRIT even stronger than before?

Upon first meetings of Trixie she appears to be weak and naive. Lost in her fantasy land that provided good in the outside world. The more she finds out about the people she calls family and the business that they run, the more she feels like a stranger in her own home. How did she find herself amongst these people. What can she do to get out? But does she really want out. As lessons are taught and truths are given, Trixie has to search for her inner strength. She is honestly the strongest woman. Can she come to terms with all she has learned.

Will she be left to fend for herself or has she found her knight to swoop in and save her. Where did her simple life go? Is she strong enough to do what is being asked of her?

I honestly can't wait to find out what is next for us. I will be watching closely for the next book in the GRIT series and more from Rebecca Sherwin. 

Advanced copy provided in exchange for an honest review. 


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Beautiful sunset and dramatic clouds over the south side of Lond

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