Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Release Blitz & Review - BUTTERFLY by Rebecca Sherwin

Rebecca Sherwin
A dark romance that will have you thirsting for more.


I once was Erin, fierce and strong,
But now she's gone, I don't belong.
He wants my heart, but it's not mine.
I've hidden it, and now can't find
The soul it once took solace in.
All that's left is pain and sin.
But still, my dark knight keeps me here.
To live in hate and dread and fear.
So what will happen once he knows,
The more he hurts me, the more I grow?
The faster I flourish in the dark,
The harder I fight to leave my mark.
When his mind swallows me whole,
When he finds my heart as black as coal,
Will he save me from his hell,
Or remind me just how hard I fell?
I once was Erin, fierce and strong.
Now this pitch black world is where I belong.
I've waved the girl I was goodbye.
Now I am his Butterfly...

Trailer: https://youtu.be/hAd7vx6KqKs
butterfly in hand on grass

What reviewers are saying:
"Once again, the author has left me completely lost for words! I truly do worry for the state of this author's mind! That said I do hope she never ever changes, as it makes her books so delightfully disturbing to read. (maybe this means I should be concerned for my own state of mind too)."

"This is going to be one of my top 10 reads for 2016."

"I am just blown away by this story. I was just in awe. After I finished reading Butterfly, I was rendered speechless. No words could come out at all. That is why I love books by Rebecca Sherwin. She gives me books that make me totally insane and speechless. I love every moment of it. Butterfly is a beautiful, dark and suspenseful masterpiece that had me in a trance."

4 of 5 Stars

Rebecca Sherwin's writing is not my normal read but he more of her work I read the more I look forward to finding more of her books. She has a mind that is like none I have come across. I am not sure how she forms these dark twisted disturbing books in her mind, but I don't want her to stop either.

Erin is living her life with the consequences of her actions. Those consequences caused her the swimming career that she was so devoted to. She is lost in a world of simplicity now and existing not living. But Cooper has other plans for Erin, plans that will test her every cell. He will have her rethinking her existence. Can hate and fear go hand in hand with need and survival?

This is a hard book to review as I am fearful of giving too much away. This is truly a book that you need to read to feel the experience. Many will have different feelings about the story and the characters. Rebecca will keep you searching the pages for more, she will have you appalled and engrossed all at the same time. You will be consumed with a need to read.

This is not for the faint hearted. You will need to dig deep into the morals of right and wrong while reading to enjoy this book.

*** Advanced copy provided in exchange for an honest review.  ***

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