Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Review - HALF-SHELLED HEART by Jennifer Foor

Half-Shelled Heart (Oyster Cove #2)

Brantley (Brant) Wallace Jr thought he had it all figured out. Living with his girlfriend of two years, he works hard on the water all day, and even harder when he gets home at night. The struggles of a serious relationship have always been difficult for Brant to digest, though he refuses to give up on what he feels is a good thing.

Jamie Danvers spent her summers on the shore of Chincoteague, Virginia, so after a messy separation from her husband, she moves her veterinary practice to the quaint coastal island. She never expected to run into the first person who ever stole her heart, or that after years apart there will be residual feelings.

When Brant sees Jamie he can't wrap his head around the girl who got away from him. Torn between current obligations, and a burning desire to get back what was once lost, Brant struggles with being able to move forward while knowing Jamie is back.

When love throws a good man a curve ball, there's no telling which road he'll choose.

4 of 5 Stars

Brant has done everything in his power to find the steps to move forward in his life since his mother passed away. He has many regrets from that period of time and the biggest one is pushing his first love Jamie away. He couldn't handle a relationship while his family was falling apart. Now he is engaged to Leigh ready to move onto the next steps in life. Loyal to a fault Brant & Leigh are struggling with where to live, he is determined to stay on island, his only home and where his work and family are but Leigh hates the island and wants to move inland. Life is not all hearts and flowers for them.

Jamie is looking for a fresh start as she takes over her uncles Veterinary clinic in the small island town. She is still trying to understand how her marriage went wrong, how could she not know that the evil man was inside the man she married. To make matters worse, her parents are not on her side in this, they thing she is overreacting. Escape, that is what she is doing. Throwing herself in work and creating a home in her new house. She knew that she would eventually run into Brant but she never expected to have the unresolved feelings when she did.

 Jennifer does a wonderful job in showing the emotions that the reunion of these two people has caused on everyone involved. I was surely not ready for the end when it arrived, I wanted more.... Do you believe in second chances? Is it possible for forgiveness all these years later? Who will win out the current or the past? Can love withstand lies and destruction? I know that we will see more of these characters in the books to come so I will get my answers eventually.

Give the Oyster Cove Series a try, you won't be disappointed.

*** Advanced copy provided in exchange for an honest review. ***

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