Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Review - GRIT: SECTOR 1 - UPRISING by Rebecca Sherwin

Title: The Uprising
Series: GRIT (Sector 1): Book 2
Genre: Dark Romance

I thought he was mine.
He belonged to the underground.
I wanted to know every secret.
I thought we were safe.
I thought we had won the fight.

Trixie Ashford-Blackwood is now a part of a world she had no idea existed a mere few months ago. Married to a vigilante, heir to the throne of the organisation governing London, and chasing her own tail as she tries to uncover more clues about her purpose within GRIT, Trixie is battling against time as much as she is her husband.
She has no idea what lies ahead, no idea who the man is who lays with her at night, and no idea of the traitors hiding in the plain sight, waiting to spill her priceless blood.
Elias Blackwood continues to fight his urges. He controls his desires, keeps the beast contained and refuses to acknowledge the risk that he may let loose on his wife.
GRIT is slipping through his fingers, his control wavering with every minute that passes, while betrayal runs rife within the ranks of his army. He fights against time, and the people who are trying to bring the king of the empire to his knees; to not only keep them alive, but save a city that is drowning in evil and debauchery.
But GRIT aren’t the only people working the Capital.
Someone else is watching them. Analysing them. Preparing to strike.
Someone else is preparing to step up and threaten their place on the throne.
Someone is about to declare war on GRIT.
An uprising is upon them.
No one could have foreseen the betrayal.
No one could have anticipated the devastation they would soon have to face.

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4 of 5 Stars

 The dark read of Rebecca Sherwin is not my everyday read but I am completely sucked in by this series. I sometimes find myself thinking that I can't read anymore, it is just too much for me. Then I always end up turning the next page to see what will happen next. I don't know how or where Rebecca comes up with these stories but I hope she doesn't stop anytime soon.

I want to hate Elias for the things that he does, the way he treats Trixie most of the time. But then I see the internal struggles that Elias has with what he has been taught over the years and what his heart is really telling him. I know that he loves Trixie with all his heart. If they can find a way to step out of the sector or take over the sector so they can make necessary changes.

Trixie is so lost.... she has not idea where she really belongs in the sector. Spending her days locked in that huge home. Spending her night waiting patiently for her husband to return from whatever it is he does in the dark. When the lessons start to teach her how she will run the sector with Elias, things get real. Will she be able to handle everything that is being shoved her way.

It has been aparent from the beginning that there are some of the Ashford/Blackwood family that don't want them to be together. Can their love survive? Or will the monsters take them down?

And now I am once again hanging on to any little detail I can get as to what will happen next for the GRIT series. When do I get more?

*** Copy provided in exchange for an honest review.  ***

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