Thursday, September 11, 2014


(Boys of Bishop #4)
by Molly O'Keefe
ARC Review
Release: September 30, 2014

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

"With his chiseled jaw and thick blond hair, Harrison Montgomery was born to lead. Four generations of Montgomery men have served the state of Georgia, and now he’s next in line. Harrison, though, is driven to right wrongs: namely to clean up the political mess left by his father’s greed and corruption. But Harrison must first win his congressional bid, and nothing can get in his way—not even an angel who served him whiskey and gave him a shoulder to lean on and a body to love for a night. Problem is, she’s pregnant. Scandal is brewing, and there is only one solution: marriage.

Damage control? Ryan Kaminski can’t believe that a cold, calculating political animal now inhabits the body of the emotionally vulnerable stranger who gave her the most unforgettable night of her life. Really, she doesn’t want anything from Harrison, except to be left alone to have her baby in peace. But Ryan is broke, jobless, and essentially blackmailed by Harrison’s desperate family to accept this crazy marriage deal. For two years, she will have to act the role of caring, supportive wife. But what is Ryan supposed to do when she realizes that, deep in her heart, she’s falling in love?"


Another strong delivery from Molly O'Keefe with this fourth novel in the Boys of Bishop series. 

Although a great story with little bit of magic appeal, I wasn't able to connect in the way I have been with the previous books in this series. It doesn't take away from the quality of the writing necessarily; it simply indicates my personal experience of this book. 
I think it might have something to do with the 'faux fairytale' portion of the trope. Poor, nobody girl from nowhere, meets prominent, 'rich', successful boy and the rest is history.... I've never really been one for that type of one-in-a-million fantasies. I prefer stories where I can easily imagine myself part of it and that works better with a regular Joe than a virtual prince.

We met Harrison in the second Boys of Bishop book. He is the brother of the heroine of Never Been Kissed and played quite a prominent secondary role in that novel. Part of this book actually overlaps that story. 

Harrison is in the middle of a political campaign when a family crisis has him drowing his sorrows in booze and the cute bartender, Ryan. She has a soft spot for the sad stranger who is obviously trying hard to forget something. Their anonymous encounter loses its mystique, when Ryan discovers she is pregnant, and the sad stranger who is the father, turns out to be a prominent politician. Who knew? 

Harrison's struggle to discover what it is he actually wants, versus what is expected of him as well as Ryan's desire to rise above expectations, makes for some difficult times. Especially when family gets involved.

Once more a novel by Ms. O'Keefe with a focus on individual development and discovery. This time two characters, virtually from opposite ends of the spectrum, find themselves making an unlikely match in the middle.

✨Of family, fidelity and foreplay✨

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