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Which ALPHA Athletes are the Sexiest?? & GIVEAWAY!!

Which Alpha Athletes Are The Sexiest?

Jill Shalvis, author of It’s In His Kiss, makes the case why surfers are the sexiest Alpha athletes.

There’s something about the laid-back, easy-going ‘tude of a surfer. This isn’t to say they’re beta, because I think that to tackle the waves and the lifestyle, they are actually pretty alpha in general. But I like that easy going, laid back kind of alpha. Tough and take charge when they need to be, but also calm and quiet and … well, sexy as hell.

Are skiers the ultimate Alpha heroes? Sarah Morgan, author of Maybe This Christmas, explains why these daredevils are the most irresistible athletes.

Self-confidence is a very sexy trait and ski racers have it by the bucket load. They hurl themselves down vertical slopes, reaching speeds of 90 miles an hour. If they hesitate, they risk life and limb, so they have to be sure of their skill and ability. The hero of Maybe This Christmas, Tyler O’Neil, is a natural skier and he’s super confident. He knows what he wants and how to get it. He’s one of my favorite heroes ever!

Bestselling author Jen Frederick’s hero Noah from Undeclared and “Undressed” is a former soldier who battles his way into the MMA. The author shares why fighters are the hottest athletes around.

The MMA athlete is sexy because every woman needs a beast in bed. He's the kind of man who can go all night and well into the morning. He wants you to dig your nails into his tough skin. He's more than happy pleasuring you standing up, sitting down, sideways and upside down. (Don't try that last position for too long. Surgeon General has a specific warning against it.)

Sarina Bowen takes on heroes on ice to prove, once and for all, that hockey players are the most delicious athletes. What makes them the best?

Hockey players don't need a break. In hockey — as in life — there are very few time-outs. This is not a slow moving game. Hartley, the hero of The Year We Fell Down, is always ready for anything, be it a party, shaking up a quick batch of margaritas or a video game duel against his cute neighbor, Corey. Sleep is for the weak, and time-outs are for sissy men. All that stamina he's honed on the ice? It's useful in many, many situations!

Author Kristen Callihan leaves it up to her hero Drew from The Hook Up to give readers a first hand look at why footballers are the most seductive athletes of them all.
A good quarterback must have excellent focus. Drew’s is complete. Both on the field. And off of it. Especially when it comes to Anna.

…he’s moving south, his hands caressing my sides, sliding over my hips. Calloused fingers trail up the backs of my thighs, gathering my skirt, lifting it up.

Oh, God. My breath hitches, an audible sound that catches his attention. Defiance is in his eyes as he glances up at me. I can stop him if I want to. The knowledge is thick and heavy between us. But I can’t move, much less protest. I’m so ready for him, I can’t stand it. If we move, if we stop now, it might all dissolve. Illicit excitement is a drug in my veins. The wall is cold against my heated shoulder blades as I lean into it, trying not to crumple. Still he watches me and inches the skirt up and up.


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Blind dates, unrequited love, sports, and Greek life. Return to college with Sarina Bowen’s Ivy Years series including The Year We Fell Down, The Year We Hid Away, and the upcoming The Understatement of the Year. Readers can reach the author at

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