Saturday, October 11, 2014

ALL MESSED UP by Kelly Jamieson

(Windy City Kink #2)
by Kelly Jamieson
ARC Review
Release: October 7th, 2014

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

"If he’s a mistake, she’s ready to make him her favorite mistake.

Mallory Hurst has tried to live a life that makes up for past mistakes. But now she faces a huge ethical dilemma. Her pharmaceutical company’s unapproved, off-label use of a medication puts lives at risk, and her protests have fallen on deaf ears.

Hoping a trip home will clear her head, she boards a plane for California. And strikes up a conversation with a handsome stranger.

Joe Mason recently learned that the man he’s called father all his life… isn’t. At least that explains why he never measured up to his older brothers. Flying to meet his biological father for the first time, he meets a sleek, sexy woman who makes him want to mess up her perfect hair.

Shared conversation leads to a shared drink between flights, then when their flight is canceled, a shared bed overnight—where their rush of attraction explodes into a night of much-needed kinky fun.

Yet a night of hot, messy sex won’t fix anything—in fact, blowing off steam could have blown their lives all to hell…"

Warning: Contains a hot cop, a neat and tidy executive, dirty talk, kink in an airport, mile-high shenanigans, a little foot fetish fun. And love, of course.


Phew!!! Scorching hot second book in the Windy City Kink series by fabulous Kelly Jamieson. 

Neither Mallory nor Joe are particularly looking forward to their respective trips when they are held over due to a cancelled flight. Their instant attraction and unexpected night of blistering passion leads to sharing of private details of their lives. It's not as if they were planning to see each other again.....

But fate throws them together again, or maybe it is luck. Regardless, the outcome is the same; what started as a fun one night stand with a virtual stranger, turns into a tentative relationship between two people who already know more about each other than their closest relatives do....

The characters are interesting and in particular Joe is a different type of hero with a more sensitive edge. I liked his rather disarming nature right off the bat. Mallory is slightly passive at the outset, but finds her voice during the course of the story and grew on me quickly. Especially once she decided to let her hair down and let go. 

A romance with a pair of subplots playing out in the background giving the the main story some context. Well written, and that can't be a surprise from Kelly Jamieson. The steam is coming off in thick clouds and copiously throughout the book.

✨A steamy layover with a twist!✨

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