Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Christmas Cottage / Ever After

An exciting reissue of both books in the beloved Christmas Cottage series from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Samantha Chase, just in time for the holidays .

Legend has it that any couple who spends the night in the Christmas Cottage shall have love everlasting...

Lacey Quinn does not believe in happily-ever-after or the legend of the Christmas Cottage. But her best friend does, and she’s the one getting married. It’s Lacey’s job to make sure everything at the cottage is perfect for the newlyweds. Instead, she finds herself snowed in with the best man, and she begins to wonder if fairy tales really can come true.

Ava Callahan wants desperately to believe in love everlasting. But when Brian McCabe walks back into her life and upsets her carefully organized world, her commitment to perfection makes it hard to accept the love that’s right in front of her. Will it take a night in the Christmas Cottage for Ava and Brian to find their happy ending?

What readers are saying:
“Delightful Christmas romance with a twist ending.”
“Loved the layered plot.”
“Sweet holiday romance…love, love love!”
“An enchanting tale.”
“A five star story!”
“Instant connection with the characters.”

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4 of 5 Stars
The Christmas Cottage
Ava and Lacey have been best friends since they were kids. Now they are planning Ava’s wedding to Mason. Ava and Mason are not seeing eye to eye on their future together. Ava had heard stories that anyone staying at their family cottage would have everlasting love so she was determined if she and Mason stayed there on their wedding night everything would be fine.

While decorating the cottage for Ava, Lacey reconnects with Ava’s brother Ean. Snowed in together at the cottage rekindles some underlying feeling they have for each other. This affection turns quickly into an everlasting love.

I enjoyed reading this book, it shows you should never settle in life, but to always be open to the unexpected.

Ever After
After Ava and Mason cancelled their wedding and passed the planned event to a surprised Ean and Lacey, Ava felt like her happily ever after was never going to happen. An unplanned meeting with Mason’s best friend Brian who had confessed his feelings for Ava the night of her wedding, has Ava feeling things she does not think she deserves. Looking for a fresh start and possible relocation for a new job has her keeping her possible relationship with Brian off in the distance.

After finally letting Brian into her life she pushes him away because of her obsession with the Cottage. She finally realizes that

Life is not a fairy tale and that she needs to allow herself to be happy. Ava know Brian is her happily ever after.

** Advanced copy provided in exchange for an honest review **

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