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Release Blitz & Review - FIGHTING WEIGHT by Gillian Jones


Release Blitz: Fighting Weight
by Gillian Jones

Available with Kindle Unlimited

Genre:Inspirational Contemporary Romance

We all have that voice inside our heads.

The one that speaks to us incessantly. That voice we trust to make the right decisions, to keep us on a positive path, even when others try to bring us down.

But what happens when that voice changes?

When it's no longer a voice of reason, a voice of comfort giving us a pep talk when we need one?

What happens when that inner voice turns into a bully?

You're fat.
Don't you dare eat that.
You'll never be as pretty as her
You'll never be as good as them.
You're lazy. You're stupid.
You are disgusting.
You. Are. Nothing.

What happens when that inner voice makes your body takes its side?

And what happens when the bully starts to win?

If your name is Alina Cassidy, then you fight like hell.

Warning: Deals with subject matter some readers might find sensitive. But I promise an HEA.

4.5 Stars

With all the talk about this book before I received it, I knew that I was setting myself up for an emotional read. By the time I was reading chapter 2, I had that funny feeling in my stomach full of understanding, compassion and fear of where Ms Jones was taking us. An now I sit trying to figure out how to give the impact of this book the proper words to help it shine.

Alina is truly fighting the biggest fight of her life. Remembering the times in her early childhood when she felt like she would never be enough. Watching as she struggles daily with what she knows as right and what her eyes and mind tell her is right. The constant struggle and the little triggers that can bring on the panic in only seconds. That horrifying fear that someone will figure it out and call her on it, is just so draining. With the addition of "Her" always putting in her two cents, I am certain I would crumble.

But with the support of her one constant rock her big brother Lucky and the tribe of friends she has found in Happenstance she is fighting back. When the band is given the chance of a lifetime to travel and open for Sicken Union on tour, Alina decided to give it her all. Sure she is worried about being away from Lucky and her therapy, but she is also confident that she can do it, well mostly. She knew the girls would have her back, even if they truly didn't know the extent of things. What she hadn't expected along the way was Slater and the magnetic draw between them. Is she ready for that kind of friendship and maybe more? Only time will tell.

Slater was quite happy with life, killing it as the lead for Sicken Union. Sharing their fame with these new and upcoming bands, means something to him and his brothers. Loving the life and nowhere near ready to slow down or hand in his man card. When the raven haired beauty steps on the stage in front of him, she silently captivated him, holding all of his attention, even while trying so hard not to be noticed. Knowing he needed to get to know her but never ever expecting to find himself wanting to put himself out there. Being willing to wait for every little bit she willingly gave him. To standing beside her while helping fight the demons within.

Ms. Jones has completely outdone herself again. Even though this book is focused around Ali and her fight with this horrible decease, it is soo much more. Any person who has some sort of misguided conception of themselves can relate to Ali's inner thoughts and fears. The secondary characters in this book truly help bring it all together. Reminding us that we have support, we just need to open up and ask for it. And will might be honestly surprised how others feel. Thank you Gillian for bring us another heartbreaking novel.

*** Advanced copy provided in exchange for an honest review. *** 


Wife, mother, proud Canadian. Shoe addict, red wine connoisseur, lover of laughter and the friendships that cause it. I'm a sucker for those epic romances that steal my breath and leave me always wanting more.

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