Sunday, March 25, 2018

Review - OUT OF NOWHERE by DL Gallie

Out of Nowhere

Emerson James has it all. Great job. Wonderful fiancé. Amazing friends. Loving family. Life is perfect. In an instant her once perfect life implodes and everything falls apart. Rather than facing life, she packs a bag and leaves New York behind, embarking on a journey of self-discovery.

By a twist of fate, she ends up in Nels Cove, Colorado and decides to stay, indefinitely. Country life is just what she needs. If it weren't for Chase Archibald, her life could be perfect. He’s an arrogant ass who grates on her nerves but at the same time, he sets her ablaze.


Chase Archibald is Nels Cove royalty. Everyone loves him, especially the ladies. Well most of them. Emerson James is the first person to call him out and not fall at his feet. That pisses him off but at the same time she sparks something inside of him; he can’t stop thinking about her.

With persistence, Chase manages to get Emerson to lower her guard and open her heart up again. But when her past and present collide, she will have to face the consequences of running away. Once again, she runs but is running the right decision this time?

Out of Nowhere is LIVE everywhere!

4.5 Stars

by Cheryl Stewart

Emerson's life was going perfectly. A fiance that cherished her. Family and friends. Then one day her life changed forever. In the wrong place at the wrong time Emerson and her family end up in the crossfire of an enraged husband. Emerson looses everyone that day. Only she survives the shooting.

Her grief engulfs her, cutting out all of her friends and pushing her best friend Bella away. When she revisits the crime scene she decides the only way to find herself is to go away for awhile. She embarks on a bucket list trip that she and Brian had talked about taking. After a lot of stops she is drawn to the little town of Nels Cove. Here she finds peace that she never thought she would feel again. Also some new friends and Chase Archibald.

As feeling start to develop for Chase ,Emerson's guilt returns. She doesn't know how she will ever be able to move on. Maybe Chase will be able to put Emerson's heart back together.

Ms Gallie had me crying more than once during this read by I couldn't put it down either. I had to know if there was going to be an HEA in the end. 

*** Advanced copy provided in exchange for an honest review. ***

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