Saturday, March 10, 2018

Review - SOLACE by SE Cooper

Title: Solace
Series: The Hunter Series #2
Author: S.E. Cooper 
Genre: Contemporary Romance Suspense
Release Date: February 16, 2018 


"I didn't choose to love you," I whispered. "But now that I do, no storm is strong enough to keep me away from you."

Nyah Hunter has always believed in love at first sight. When she first sets eyes on James Parker, ‘Big’ to his friends,

Nyah realises he’s the man she’s been waiting for all her life. The only problem is, Big doesn’t want to know. He has his reasons for keeping the beautiful blonde at bay, but Nyah won’t give up without a fight. How can he make her see that the safest place for her is as far away from him as possible?

For Big, loving Nyah means risking more than just his heart. It means confronting a past too painful to process and recalling haunting memories too bittersweet to share.

Intent on protecting those he loves, Big sets out to defeat his demons, once and for all; a battle that’s likely to see him perish in the process. Only, he hasn’t counted on the unusual collection of individuals willing to work together for the greater good.

With fresh hope in his heart and an unlikely army by his side, Big dares to dream that this time, he might get to live free.

However, has he underestimated just how far his enemy will go to destroy him?

5 Star

Nyah Hunter is living her life just the way she wants to, now that is. After what was to be her fairy-tale life went down the drain. She has the love of a super strong family to help her through. Sure they have their share of heart ache and pain but they always seem to pull through. The only thing she is missing is her prince charming. When a certain big bad biker, tattoo artist catchers her attention it is all over.

Big has not lived an easy life. Finding himself at the hands of the Vultures MC, only to be rescued and taken in by the Reedemers MC. Running from his past after the biggest loss imaginable. He has rebuilt a good life working at the tattoo shop, making wonderful friends in Dex and Jazz. He has kept everyone at arms length not wanting to put anyone else in the kind of danger he has brought to people in the past.

There is an electrical charge between Big and Nyah from the very first meeting.  Nyah is determined to get Big to notice her and give her a change. Big has noticed her and know very quickly that this could be dangerous for all involved. Will their desires and wants win out over fear of danger and heartache? Will the past come back to haunt them? Can they have their HEA?

The author does such a wonderful job of drawing many emotions out of the reader throughout this novel. The characters and addition of some pretty amazing secondary characters have you feeling like you are part of the story. Add in a high level of suspense that keeps you on your toes, looking around each page carefully as you don't know what you might find. I cannot wait for more of the Hunter Series.

In The Series

S E Cooper lives in Scotland with her husband, their two boys, two crazy cats and a bonkers bunny. She has always loved to read and write stories but it wasn't until she discovered the wonderful world of self-publishing and became inspired by some of her favorite Indie Authors that she decided to take the plunge herself. Her hobbies include spending time with family and friends, photography, reading and daydreaming.


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