Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Release Day Launch - RAZED by Shiloh Walker


We are so excited to bring you the Release Day Launch for Shiloh Walker's RAZED! RAZED is the second novel in Shiloh’s Barnes Brothers Series published by Berkley (Sensations), an imprint of Penguin. Check out the giveaway below then grab your copy today!


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Tattoo artist Keelie Jessup can handle that someone else has claimed the man of her dreams. She’s just not pleased with her remaining options…

Keelie doesn’t believe in the “perfect man.” But the men who are worth the trouble are usually taken—like her business partner Zach Barnes. After a string of bad luck and the lost chance with Zach, Keelie decides that maybe flying solo—and living with suppressed desires—is the key to happiness.

As a photographer, Zane Barnes has an eye for the human form, and his eyes can’t get enough of Keelie’s curves. Unfortunately, Keelie is like most women—always fawning over his little brother, Zach. Zane is about ready to give up, but then a few stolen moments at his brother’s wedding have him thinking maybe there’s a chance there after all. Now he just has to prove that the perfect man does exist…for her.

(Barnes Brothers #2)
by Shiloh Walker
ARC Review
Release: December 2, 2014

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️



Love Shiloh's ability to write these superficially difficult people, and then strip them down, layer by layer! 

She does this with Keelie, who had not left the best impression after "WRECKED" book one in this series. Already hesitant to put herself out there emotionally, Keelie made a significant faux pas that didn't make her relationship with her business partner any easier. It also caused Keelie to shut the doors completely on the possibility of any romantic involvement. 

Enter Zane, brother of said business partner and someone who has had his eye on Keelie as long as he's known her. Also someone who sees her more clearly than anyone else. Waiting on the sidelines for years, Zane finally grabs an opening Keelie gives him and tries to slide his way in. Not an easy task, given that Keelie is still gunshy after the debacle and not only that, she hides a massive burden behind her chosen lifestyle. 

Loved Zane..... love his persistence, his faith in her, in himself and his feelings. A steady rock in a whirling sea of confusion and emotion. Strong enough to stand back and let Keelie find her own path. Wonderful dynamics throughout the book, with intense and recognizable family interactions. 

RAZED is a definite recommendation, but I do suggest reading WRECKED, the first book in the series, first. Technically I suppose RAZED is a standalone, but you will get much more from it if you read these Barnes Brother stories in sequence.

✨Patience, persistence and passion win!!✨

**Copy provided in return for an honest review**

“So, this place. You want me to meet you there. For coffee.”

“Yeah.” She angled her chin up.

It made him want to bite her, kiss her, hug her, cuddle her. That cocky, almost brash exterior . . . what did it hide, he wondered? Sweeping his thumb across her mouth, he murmured, “And just why are we meeting for coffee? You just like caffeine?”

“If you’re going to be an asshole,” she started.

He cut the rest of her words off with his mouth.

She’d answered his question. He’d just wanted a chance. Now, taking advantage of her already parted lips, he slanted his head and licked the inside of her mouth, sliding one hand up to cup her cheek, angling her head back.

With his other hand, he cupped her hip. Only her hip, because it would be so very easy to try for more.

Everything inside him pushed for that.

But he wasn’t going to rush this.

Not this, of all things.

He slid his tongue along hers, growled when she caught him and sucked him just a little. Dark, dirty little thoughts raced through him as he imagined her doing that to his cock. His fingers tightened on her hip and she swayed, leaning closer.

The sound of her moan pierced the fog and he forced himself to end the kiss, bit by bit. His heart was racing when it was done and his muscles were tight with the urge to grab, take . . . keep.

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Author PhotoAbout Shiloh Walker:

Shiloh Walker is an award-winning writer…yes, really! She’s also a mom, a wife, a reader and she pretends to be an amateur photographer. She published her first book in 2003. Her newest series, Secrets and Shadows, launched in April 2014. Look for the newest book Deeper than Need, to be followed by Sweeter than Sin and Darker than Desire.

She writes romantic suspense, contemporary and paranormal romance, and urban fantasy under the name J.C. Daniels.

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