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DENIED (One Night #2) & PROMISED (One Night #1) - by Jodi Ellen Malpas

by Jodi Ellen Malpas
ARC Review
Release: November 11, 2014, Forever

My rating: 4.5 of 5 ⭐️

"He's amazingly wealthy, sinfully gorgeous, and can bring her to heights of pleasure she's never before known. For Livy, there's no turning back. She's determined to be the light in Miller Hart's dark world. Yet this new life comes with a steep price...

Miller knows that the power he possesses hasn't come without sacrifices-but he won't let Livy be one of them. Though he wants nothing more than to have her in every way, his first duty is to protect her at all costs...from his sins, his enemies, and especially himself.

But as their insatiable affair intensifies, the two attract the attention of an obsessive-and dangerous-third party. Discovering new revelations about Miller that rock her to the core, Livy will have to decide whether he's ruined beyond repair. And he must face his fear that in order to save her, he may have to lose her after all..."


I was smart..... I read both the first and second books immediately following the other. It made for a total immersion into this compelling story.... However, now I have to wait for book #3! 

It has become clear that Livy and Miller cannot stay away from the other. Livy is well aware how 'unavailable' Miller really is, keeping everything close to his chest, but she is beyond caring. Or maybe I should say she simply can't help herself and is prepared to take what she can get from this complex man.

Miller knows he is no good for Livy. He has tried everything to walk away or push her away. But still, there she is. Living a life that has never really been his own, he is unable to give what Livy wants; all of him. There are areas of his life he keeps well contained, for his sake and now the sake of Livy as well. 

Little by little Livy starts peeling away the layers upon layers of self-protection that hide the real Miller from her. She's seen glimpses of him and wants to know why he hides. But when she is suddenly faced with some of the realities that make up his life, staying is harder than she thought it would be.

Once again, JEM has created characters, so in conflict with themselves, they muck up any opportunity for a 'normal' relationship with anyone else. Laced with a good shot of humor, highlighted with delicous erotica and executed in that style, that everyone covets, but no one can quite bring like Jodi Ellen Malpas. 

✨Full emotional engagement read by JEM!✨

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by Jodi Ellen Malpas
Released: July 17, 2014, Forever

My rating: 4.5 of 5 ⭐️

"Livy notices him the moment he walks into the coffee shop. He's heart-stoppingly stunning, with a blue-eyed gaze so piercing she's almost too distracted to take his order. When he walks out the door, she thinks she'll never see him again. Then she finds the note he left on his napkin . . . signed M.

All he wants is one night to worship her. No feelings, no commitment, nothing but pleasure. Every defense mechanism Livy has adopted during her solitary life is at risk of being obliterated by this confounding man. He's obnoxious but well-mannered. He's a gentleman but aloof. He's passionate but emotionless. Yet the fascination is so powerful, Livy can't deny him... or herself.

M awakens something in Livy, something deep and addictive that she never knew existed -- and that she fears only he can satisfy. But she senses that behind the fast cars, fancy suits, and posh apartment, he's aching inside. To have him, body and soul, she'll have to brave his dark secrets. Delving into his world and breaking down his defenses become her obsession - an obsession that could shatter her heart beyond repair.."


When M. walks into the coffee place where Livy works, he leaves an impression....and a note.

Livy knows even then that M. is unreachable.... even though he ends up offering her his body - for a limited time.
But their encounter, aside from being out of the norm for selective Livy, creates a hunger for the other. And no matter how hard they try, they are never sated.

M. is an enigma, extremly private and controlled, something that both attracts and repels Livy.

JEM's writing is as crisp and intelligent as can be, riddled with complicated relationships, a dry and at times biting humor and voluptuous sex scenes filled with descriptive decadence.

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