Monday, November 10, 2014


by Dana Marton
ARC Review
Release: November 18th, 2014, Montlake Romance

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

A gripping, fast-paced novel of romantic suspense from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Dana Marton.

"When wealthy American businessman Glenn Danning goes missing in Venezuela, investigator Miranda Soto volunteers to track him down. It’s her first assignment for the Civilian Personnel Recovery Unit, but this mission is about more than salvaging the remnants of her shattered military career. Glenn was Miranda’s best friend and first lover, and she’ll do anything to save him from danger…especially since she just lost everything that mattered to her.

Glenn barely survived being kidnapped and tortured as a suspected spy, but the shock of seeing Miranda again gives him a new lease on life. Their still-simmering attraction grows hotter as the couple races through the treacherous jungle. Determined to reach safe ground, they must stay alive long enough to stop the terrifying enemy who still hunts Glenn. And even if they survive, Miranda’s dark past could jeopardize their future together…"


A big fan and follower of the Broslin Creek Series, I was excited with the promise of a slightly grittier, perhaps darker and certainly more 'exotic' version of Dana Marton. Not disappointed!! Not at all.

Forced Disappearance is a story that allows for a slightly different perspective on the familiar, damsel-in-distress and knight-in-shining-armor standard. Don't get me wrong, neither protagonist is a wilting flower by any stretch of the imagination, but there is a distinct difference.

Glenn, despite his brilliance, gives the impression to be rather naive in certain matters. Sure, his will is strong when faced with adversity and he has no problems identifying the danger he is in. But he seems slow to grasp that sometimes the threat can come from a far more familiar direction than questionable Venezualan law enforcement. He has never had reason to doubt loyalties, however, he is a quick study.

Miranda, no longer the nerd she once was, is the opposite. Her outlook on things is much bleaker and with good reason. Her learning curve was much sharper and riddled with pain and trauma. It is what makes her good at what she does. She also has nothing to lose and that detachment is what gives her an edge over her enemies.

The connection they had when they were younger, still seems to exist, but much has happened in the past several years. And even if they find their way to safety, it is questionable wether that mutual attraction is enough to give them another chance.

A strong plot, with some intriguing twists to keep you focused and an exciting dynamic between Miranda and Glenn. I mean that both intellectually and physically!
For lovers of the Romantic Suspense genre, this is certainly a recommended read. 

✨A fast-paced, compelling and at times steamy novel!✨

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  1. Thank you so much for the thoughtful review and the time you spent on reading my book. I truly appreciate the support, Margreet!