Monday, November 24, 2014

SLAY by Nina Levine

(Storm MC #4)
by Nina Levine
ARC Review
Released: November 21, 2014

My rating: 4.5 of 5 ⭐️


The ghosts of Donovan "Blade" Brookes' life are closing in on him.  

Hardened by an abusive childhood and haunted by the murder of his fiancĂ©, Blade struggles against the darkforces threatening to consume him.  When he helps Layla Reed in her hour of need, he has no idea she will be the light to his darkness.  As they spend more time together, he is powerless to fight his desire for her.  Powerless to fight his need for her.  

However, as his feelings deepen, he pushes her away, reluctant to drag her into his world.  With enemies coming at him from all directions, Storm MC needing his help to fight off a rival, and his father still causing him grief, Blade needs the love of a good woman now more than ever.  

Can Layla push Blade to the edge and get him to admit to both of them what he wants?  Or will the darkness pull him under once and for all?"


I'm thinking there is a new favorite Storm MC hero!! 

Blade has been an enigma through this series, dark-edged and moody, we never had a chance to really get to know him. In Slay, we see him revealed; layer by layer. And every new dimension that is added to Blade, makes him even more attractive. Who thought that beneath that dangerous veneer would be a man craving things he felt undeserving of. The only person so far who has been able to put a crack in his hard shell has been his sister Madison. That is until he has a good look at a pretty bartender and finally sees her.

Layla has had a rough go of it, but she has been able to pull herself on top every time. She wasn't too sure if she would be able to get out of this one, though. Her business partner gone, leaving her with a massive pile of problems, none of which were of her making. Not accustomed to help, Layla initially sees the big hulking man who has been sitting in the corner of her bar as a threat and an intrusion. But object as she might, Blade seems determined to protect her. And if she is honest, she'll admit it feels good; being looked after. 

Two people with huge chips on their shoulders, who are able to pick away at the other's resistance slowly. 

A fantastic emotional roller-coaster ride, with a great deal of raw and gritty action to boot. Nina shows us a bit of the entire Storm MC cast, and allows us to keep track of everyone's comings and goings..... and not all of them are rosy!! Significant events take place that shake the core of the Storm MC and have our heroes scrambling to hold things together!! 

Kudos to Nina for giving us a book that offers not only struggles and resolutions in the series as a whole, but also a renewed anticipation for what is coming next!

✨Great nuanced characters, sizzling chemistry and a story line that just gets better and better!✨

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