Thursday, November 13, 2014

THROUGH INFINITY - by Libby Austin

by Libby Austin
ARC Review by Pam
Released: November 11, 2014

Pam's rating: 5 of 5 ⭐️

"Candice and Jason Woodruff had everything going for them: a strong marriage, the family they’d dreamed of, and successful businesses. When they made their wedding vows, they promised to love each other through infinity and beyond…but Candice doesn’t remember making that vow. Candice doesn’t remember the last eighteen years.

After a medical emergency, Candice awakens to find herself a married mother of four. She’s surrounded by a loving family of strangers, but Candice struggles to claim an identity while learning to be a wife and mother.

Candice is no longer the same woman Jason fell in love with all those years ago. Can they learn to love each other in this new reality?

Through Infinity is one woman’s journey as she rediscovers the love of her husband and children. But will that new found love be strong enough to carry them through infinity and beyond…"


5 Heartwarming Stars

One day life is just as it should be; spending time with family doing the things you love. But waking up in the hospital unsure of why you are there with people that you don’t even recognize, changes everything.

Candice knows who she is but as a 23 college student enjoying life. Thinking her parents look a little different than she last remembered. Only to find out “the man” is Jason her husband,she is a mother of four and she is missing eighteen years of her memory. This is almost too much for her to handle.
Armed with a recovery plan, knowledge that she may or may not recover her memory Candice tries to have a positive attitude. All the while Jason never leaves her side and helps prepare her for meeting their children. Doing everything she can to gain her life back she slowly regains relations with her family, as they share their memories with her and making new memories together.Emotions are at an all time high.

Jason is the glue holding them together with his love for Candice and their beautiful family. He is calm and stable when he needs to be but he wants his life back. With confidence he won her hear 18 years ago and he is determined to it all again so they can still have their through infinity and beyond.
Libby does an amazing job of making you understand the emotions that her characters are going through. The children have vibrant personalities that shine through as fun and carefree but laced with concern. 

I look forward to reading more from Libby in the future.


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