Tuesday, May 28, 2013

THE FIRE STILL BURNS by Crystal-Rain Love

The Fire Still Burns by Crystal-Rain Love  
First publication: 2008, Sapphire Blue Publishing
Second publication: 2012, Crystal-Rain Love
(For the U.S. readers follow this link: http://amzn.com/B009FN1G56)

13 Years after being run out of town, circumstances have brought Brynn Harlow home and she's assigned an arson case alongside Adam Good. Adam suffered through years of heartache after Brynn left him with unanswered questions all those years ago. The two have to work together to find an arsonist who killed Adam's brother, but it is not that easy to leave the past behind. And as it turns out, along with her son, Brynn has brought back a secret as devastating to those she loves and herself, as it is revealing.

This was an easy read, no real brain power required, but very entertaining nonetheless.
The story plot was good, overall a tad predictable as is often the case in romantic stories, but the suspense part was surprising. It was well written with just a few editing issues that would be fairly easy to clean up. Brynn was likeable enough, although her need to keep secrets 'for the greater good' is something that goes against my nature and that irritated me, since of course it only lead to more confusion and heartache than was necessary. I found Adam to be a bit of a momma's boy.....I mean, what self-respecting thirty-something year old still lives with his mom at home? But in the end he salvages his reputation and steps up to the plate, and the message is a good one I guess.....nobody is perfect. As for heat?.....there was really none......no steam generated in this novel.....oh well.

A great 'filler' read, not necessarily one I would be spending a lot of money on, but since it was a freebie ebook from Amazon, I ain't complaining!!!

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