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DIAMOND GIRL (G-Man Series) by Andrea Smith

DIAMOND GIRL (G-Man Series) by Andrea Smith
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Published: April 2013, Meatball Taster Publishing

Her daughter off to college and her husband busy with work and apparently his new assistant, 35-year old Sammie (Samantha) decides to finally start carving out a life of her own. A bit unconventionally, she ends up pole dancing at a gentlemen's club and decides to keep her 'new' life under wraps........for now.

Slate is trying to work his way into the inner circle of the notorious Outlaw Motorcycle Club. He has his reasons, but keeps them to himself.
Young, rugged and of course hot as anything, he catches Sammie's eye, when he comes into Jewel, the club where she dances, and helps her get away from a groping sleaze ball customer. Sparks fly and the two of them come to a 'sex- only' arrangement.......Slate's idea....not necessarily Sammie's. Before long, her feelings are involved.

Then things become really complicated, when the FBI gets involved and Sammie gets drawn into a web of deception, embezzlement and drug peddling...................but this does not necessarily come from the direction you would have initially thought.

I had really high expectations of this book.....not quite sure why. Maybe it was the intro 'blurb' (or the hot cover) and although it was not a disappointment, it did not quite live up to my (high) expectations.
For one thing, the speed in which the story was told varied so much, some parts felt skimmed over and other parts dragged out a felt a little unbalanced. The development of Sammie was a little too extreme to be realistic, from demure home body to scantily dressed pole dancer seemed a bit of a mental leap, but after finishing the entire book it was kinda fun to think about something so out of the maybe a good choice for a fantasy romance after all?
Of course 'older' (HA) woman/younger man, dynamic is ALWAYS fun.........that is to say, for those of us safely ensconced north of ........let's say 40.
As for the label "erotica" it was given on the various book sites?.......I'm not so sure it deserves that label. Yes I know, as soon as certain explicit words are used, it falls under that category. But this book has fairly few sexual situations that are lukewarm at best and too short (my humble opinion!). As for the 'erotica' moniker, an explicit word a handful of times in a book should hardly qualify.

All in all, after a fairly shallow start, things started getting interesting about two thirds into the book. I still consider this a worthwhile read.

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