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POSSESSION (The Plus One Chronicles) by Jennifer Lyon

POSSESSION (The Plus One Chronicles) by Jennifer Lyon
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Published: May 2013, Jennifer Lyon

Sexy billionaire Sloane Michaels is meticulously controlling of everything in his life, including his love life. As a rule he does not date and merely engages in 'plus-one' arrangements. His current arrangement is with Kat Thayne, a feisty bakery owner.

After her brutal attack six years ago, Kat has created a safe haven in and around her bakery. Sloane enters her life and he helps her to feel beautiful, strong and sexy again and helps Kat to push her boundaries. But just as they become more than an 'arrangement, she discovers he has a dark side that could destroy them both.
In the first book Kat is starting to remember snippets of the violent assault that she endured six years ago, while still engaged to her then fiancé, David. The resurfacing memories don't mesh with the description of the incident David insists upon and when he becomes belligerent, Sloane feels compelled to jump in and protect Kat.

In Possessed, Kat is coming more and more into herself.....both through her self defence training with Sloane as through her relationship with him. At the same time, she is slowly picking away at the layers of finely controlled emotional protection Sloane has built up.....and he is surprised to find he is letting her.

The boundaries of their Plus One agreement are blurred and crossed as emotions start ruling. That becomes even clearer with the pressure they are under from both the threat from Kat's ex-fiancé, who continues to harass her, as well as a threat from Sloane's past. 

Sloane’s control is put to the test when he is distracted by the serious illness of his good friend and mentor and his need to possess Kat at all costs. He struggles to keep his focus on vengeance for the murder of his sister, which he has kept secret from Kat and that is threatening to break those first tentative steps into a real relationship. 

The second book was as great as the first.....and the HEAT got turned up a tad!!!

We will have to wait for the conclusion of this trilogy until September, when the last book: OBSESSION (The Plus One Chronicles) comes out. And I, for one, cannot wait!

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