Tuesday, May 28, 2013

THE PROPOSITION (The Plus One Chronicles) by Jennifer Lyon

(U.S. link: http://amzn.com/B00BK50QYY
Published: February 2013, Jennifer Lyon Books

Kat is a bakery owner, a seemingly strong and independent woman, but that is the picture she paints on the outside. She struggles.....with family, ex-fiancé, aftermath of a violent incident and debilitating panic attacks. Enter Sloan.....an ex-UFC fighter, now successful gym chain owner, with some of his own personal nightmares to contend with. He has a proposition for Kat......he will teach her to defend herself and fight off her panic attacks, and in return she will be his "plus one" for social engagements and............sex.

The first thing that attracted me to this book (aside from the fact that it was cheap) was the delectable cake on the cover. I found it lush, delicious, promising and hoped that it would reflect the quality of writing I found inside......and it did....in spades! I soaked this book up.... Loved both main characters, both of the cracked but not broken variety......even if they don't always see themselves that way. Enticing in their complexities with so much to offer the other, and both so reluctant to take. Mix into that some psychological game playing, a good dose of suspense, an intriguing plot and of course some sizzling sex and you have the makings of a great read! 

If there was anything disappointing in this book, it would be that it was too short!!! But this is the first of three books in the trilogy, the second one is out already and the third of the series is scheduled to be released in September of this year.

The next book in this series is POSSESSION (The Plus One Chronicles)
(U.S. link: http://amzn.com/B00CZEIQMI)

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