Friday, May 31, 2013

OUTLAW by Nicole James

OUTLAW by Nicole James
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Published: April 2013, Nicole James

Cole is a hardcore outlaw biker with a strong sense of justice.....although his idea of justice has very little to do with the law. He has learned to live on the shadow side of life and feels at home among his brothers of his motorcycle club......his family. He knows they are the only ones he can count on in this world and keep him balanced.
That is..........until one day, visiting a brother MC, he sees a young bound woman being dragged across the yard by one of their members, and he finds himself compelled to try and help her.

Angel cannot remember much more than being drugged and then transported from a van to a bike. What happened after that, she would rather forget. Despite her ordeal, she has not lost her feistiness and she fights anyone who comes to close to her tooth and nail........even the tall blond biker, who says he wants to help.

It doesn't take long for a bond to form between Cole and Angel, but Angel is very young and damaged, and Cole is reluctant to allow emotions to get involved. Club politics and rivalries as well as revenge and betrayals drive a wedge between Cole and Angel but a strong connection, an unexpected common focus and a near tragedy brings them back together.

Wow........what a roller coaster ride this was!!!! So much happens in this book, I wanted to tell it all, but I don't want to spoil it for anyone, so I kept my description to a minimum. Believe me when I say, you will not be bored!!!

This one had been on my wish list for a few weeks. I enjoy the quintessential 'bad boy/biker dude' kind of books (you may have noticed), simply because they seems to have a more true feel to them.......a bit grittier, a bit darker, not so idealistic, but with a core of honorability and justice.....and easier to identify with, I guess. This book has it all.....action, suspense, steamy sex, romance. It was hard to put down and a nice substantial read (400+ pages), which is hard to come by these days. Very reasonably priced as well, under $5, well worth it!!!

This is a first book for Nicole James, believe it or not! I was very impressed....... She had intended for it to be a stand alone novel, but with the interest it has received, she is planning a second book, with some of the same characters for release this summer, "Ruby Falls". I am adding Nicole James to my favourites list, her style of writing suits me just fine!!!!


  1. Hey, Margreet,
    Just wanted to let you know I just published RUBY FALLS on Amazon. At the end of it, I included an excerpt from CRASH, the next in The Outlaw Series.
    Hope you like it!
    Thanks for your support!
    Nicole James

    1. Just went and got it! Funny thing, I just went on your Facebook page recently to see if there was any news about the release date!