Saturday, May 25, 2013

CLUB JUSTICE (The Trinity Falls Series) by Mara McBain

 CLUB JUSTICE (The Trinity Falls Series) by Mara McBain is the story of a true Alpha male in every sense of the favorite kind!

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For Zeke, family man, motorcycle club president and police detective (in that order of importance), life has become quite entangled and unbalanced. After a shooting in the line of duty, an over zealous Internal Affairs investigator with a "hard-on" for Zeke, and the reappearance of a banned former MC member, Zeke and his wife Ginny's livelihood's are threatened, their friends and family harassed and their safety put at risk.

I loved this book!!!! It is right up my ally.....a man's man, family guy, bad boy character. All grumbles and growls, few words, but you know that each one uttered means something. Ginny, his wife, is no wilting flower either....she has some hair on her chest! So to speak. You must, to put up with a household full of testosterone! A some point in the book I actually find her taking on an almost bigger role than Zeke, when she tries to take some of the stress off him. Something he obviously does NOT appreciate very much, Alpha that he is.

Lots of action, plenty of snappy banter and enough spicy heat!! The style of writing reminds me a lot of Kristen Ashley, who is my favorite writer, so that is saying a lot! Definitely a worthwhile read and very reasonably priced.

The next in the series is CLUB TIES (The Trinity Falls Series)
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