Friday, May 24, 2013

Here I go.......

Given that I spend about 75% of my days reading......or at least I have in the past couple of years....I figured it was about time to do something productive with all the time I devoted to that.

I love reading, have since I was little....was raised by book junkies and grew up to be one myself. I can devour three complete novels in a problem! Except for my wallet. I snap up any new releases at the library as soon as they hit and I have become quite proficient at forming 'wish lists' on the various online ebook points of sale, where I then lay in wait for prices to drop or disappear altogether! I also scrounge the 'free ebooks' on a daily basis.....and often find full length novels by new or upcoming writers that are quite good.

And so the idea to write short reviews on some of the books I read came to me. Not very original, there are a gazillion review blogs out there already, but since I am always looking for new and interesting writers to feed my all-consuming hunger for more reading material, I figured I would share my 'finds' and just jot down a few lines when I find a particularly interesting read or writer!

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