Monday, June 2, 2014


(Buckhorn Brothers #7)
by Lori Foster
ARC Review
Released: June 2, 2014

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

Zoey Hodge left Buckhorn behind her years ago, after her high school years ended on a dramatic note. She never looked back, until now, because her mother needs her help while she recovers. Not looking forward to facing a town full of judgemental looks, Zoey ducks her head as she walks off the plane. Fully expecting her friend Amber to pick her up from the airport, she is surprised to find her old crush Garrett Hudson, Amber's brother waiting for her instead. 

Doing his sister a favor, Garrett is wondering if Zoey will still look the same as she did in high school. She was always a bright chatterbox, a pretty girl who marched to her own drummer and he had always kept his eye on her. Now a firefighter in town, Garrett had his entire family still around and never felt the need to leave Buckhorn. But then he was never treated quite as poorly as Zoey had been.

It doesn't take Zoey long to find that some things never change. Even after all these years the dirty looks are still coming her way, but on the flip side, the Hudson family still treated her with the same kindness they always had. Garrett hadn't changed in that respect either, but boy had he grown up!  And it turns out their mutual attraction was still alive and well too. Maybe there are more reasons to hang around Buckhorn after all.


Its been a long time since I have read a Buckhorn Brothers book and it was nice to get the taste back for this special breed of men! Men's men all the way, but all raised well by their mommas, all knowing very well how to treat a woman. A smidgeon on the overbearing side, but protective and caring, and when it comes down to it and they find that right woman, they are not afraid to lay all their feelings out on the table. So scrumptious!!

I loved the characters, especially Zoey, who has an endearing quirky verbal diarrhea issue whenever she gets a little nervous. And Garrett makes her plenty nervous!!! The result is a mouth without breaks or a filter with the most entertaining consequences and to the amusement of Garrett. 

I personally, would have loved to have seen these two in a full sized novel, and not a relatively short novella. Their personalities so refreshing, the dialogue so funny, and in my opinion enough possibilities in the story for expansion that it would have done really well at 300 or so pages long! Of course I also would not have been adverse to more of their pretty combustible chemistry!! Yowza!

There is never a hesitation for me when I see an opportunity to read or review a book by Lori Foster. It really is a no-brainer. Her books were the first ones I ever read that brought me into the realm of sexy romance and made me fall in love with it, and to this day I can trust her writing will always deliver! 

✨A delightful spunky and spicy read!!✨

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